Previously only available in glass, Costa Sunglasses is introducing the 580P mirror lens in a super lightweight, impact resistant polycarbonate material that will be available later this fall.

The new mirror lens, which blocks yellow light from entering the eye at the 580 nanometer on the light spectrum, result in unmatched polarization levels and razor sharp color enhancement. 

The lenses feature a premium anti-reflective coating and protect against UV rays, allowing eyes to truly relax while out on the water.

Color options include blue mirror on a gray base, and the green and silver mirror on a copper base.

The new lenses will debut next week at the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) in Orlando.

“For serious anglers, Costa’s 580 lens technology is a necessary piece of gear to help spot fish faster and more clearly,” Chas MacDonald, Costa president, said in a release. “Our full range of lens colors, including the new 580P mirrors, allow anglers to customize their sunglasses to their fishing conditions, taking their visual experience on the water to the next level.”

Available this fall, prices will vary depending on the style chosen, and will start at $179.

For more information on the new 580P lenses, click here