Rage Outdoors, the world’s top manufacturer of expandable broadheads, just released the new 3-Blade Broadhead with KORE technology, featuring razor-sharp 1.08-inch long blades.

Several states have banned mechanical three-blade broadhead designs because blades can create a barbed configuration from binding against each other during extraction, but Rage engineers created a redesign to overcome any potential for binding.

The result is a unique skeletal design with a precision-ground solid steel ferrule that utilizes a patented Slip-Cam blade deployment system.

The new design eliminated interference between the stainless-steel blades without losing accuracy.

The slim 3/4-inch in-flight profile packs penetration and internal destruction unprecedented in gelatin and field tests.

The new model not only penetrates further than the original, it cores the target because of the single-bevel leading edges of the ferrule.

And each blade of the new broadhead is .035-inches thick, .005 of an inch thicker than the original to increase durability. The new 3-Blade also employs a polymer KORE Shock Collar, which retains the blades much more reliably than O-rings until the moment of impact.

The new 100-gr. Rage 3-Blade is available nationwide in a three-pack with a practice head and three replacement KORE Shock Collar blade-retention devices for $49.99.

For more information, visit the Rage website by clicking here