The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission approved both the 2014-16 hunting season dates and the 2014-15 general and Wildlife Management Area rules and regulations, including some modifications to deer area boundaries, according to a press release. 

Notices of intent presented in January by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for the upcoming seasons were approved with amendments made in February and March following the public comment period.

Approved season dates include the 2015 turkey season and associated rules and regulations.

Changes in the final approvals include but are not limited to: 

• Allowing small game hunters to carry buckshot and/or slug while small game hunting on private lands.

• Beginning with the 2014-2015 small game season, increasing the possession limit for rabbit, squirrel, and quail from two to three times the daily bag limit. The daily bag limit will remain eight for rabbits and squirrels, and 10 for quail.

• Specific to Deer Area 4 - Added language to prevent the overlap of “still hunt only” and the opening of “with or without dogs” seasons for the first weekend of December on years when there are five Saturdays in November. This amendment removes any potential conflicts arising from having the two seasons open at the same time, without the loss of “either sex” opportunities for hunters.

• Modification of the 2014-2015 deer season dates for Area 5 to close the still hunt season on the second Sunday in January, instead of the fourth Sunday in December.

• Modification of a portion of Iberville Parish from Deer Area 9 to Area 6.

• Modification of a portion of St. Mary Parish from Deer Area 7 to Area 9.

• Modification of a portion of Iberville Parish within Deer Area 9 from gun with dogs to still hunt only.

• Elimination of requirement for an annual military permit on Camp Beauregard, Fort Polk, and Peason Ridge WMAs. Self-Clearing Permits will still be required, and hunters must continue to check daily on area closures for military training.

• Addition of general turkey lottery hunt on Pearl River WMA.

• Addition of youth turkey lottery hunt on Richard K. Yancey WMA.

• Implementation of a Self-Clearing Permit requirement for turkey hunters on Catahoula and Red Dirt National Wildlife Management Preserves within Kisatchie National Forest.

• Expansion of deer hunting opportunities on Lake Boeuf WMA.

• Addition of a youth shotgun deer season on Pass-a-Loutre WMA.

• Expansion of fishing opportunities on Pointe-aux-Chenes WMA.

• Establishment of small game emphasis areas on select WMAs, with associated dates and rules/regulations.

To view the full notices of intent and all proposed and approved hunting season dates and regulations changes for the upcoming hunting seasons, click here