When Allen Dupont, Bobby Chandler and Chris Vincent started scrambling to find fish, Vincent pulled out a sheet of paper and held it close to his GPS. It looked like something he had printed out from his computer. I quizzed him about what he was doing.

"This is a data sheet from Capt. Paul's Fishing Edge GPS Waypoints," Vincent answered. "He sends you an email when you order it.

"The email has the files on it, and you have to download it onto an SD card. Then you plug it into your unit and follow the instructions to upload the information onto your GPS."

All three guys said having a system like this can give you an advantage when it comes to finding spots to fish in such a large area of water.

"I can tell you what I've been doing over the years," Dupont added. "Every article that comes out in Louisiana Sportsman that had coordinates in it, I've been cutting them out and putting the coordinates in my computer.

"Then I download them to an SD card and put them in my GPS. Capt. Paul has that and then some. It's much easier to use his. Just for Hopedale he has 280 points. That's a ton."

Vincent went on to say that he overlays Capt. Paul's points with Google Maps so that he can pick which points he's going to fish so he can go from one to the next to the next instead of having to guess.

"Some of the spots are well known, but he gives you some that are off the beaten path and some of the old ones that are not around anymore, at least above the water," Vincent said. "He also gives you a PDF file map so you can see the points and a spreadsheet with the name of the point, the coordinates and a little information about the spot.

Anglers can find all 21 of Capt. Paul's Fishing Edge GPS waypoint data packs by visiting www.louisianasportsman.com and navigating to the outdoor store. Then click "The Fishing Edge" on the menu to the left side of the page, or scroll down and click the icon in the image menu in the middle of the page.

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