Warming temperatures mean lunker trout will be making appearances along the Louisiana coast, and there's no better way to brag about catching a big sow than to enter photos in the LouisianaSportsman.com Big Trout Photo Contest.

"There already are chunky trout showing up in places like Black Bay, Breton Island and Venice, and it won't be long before the rest of the coast is invaded," the site's Andy Crawford said. "We wanted to celebrate this annual run of big specks, and could think of no better way than to provide our users with the opportunity to post photos and compete for prizes."

The Big Trout Photo Contest, for which only registered members of LouisianaSportsman.com are eligible, will run through June 30.

Monthly winners will be determined through voting sessions, in which LouisianaSportsman.com administrators choose several of the best photos from each month and users determine the final winners.

Winners will receive a $25 Outdoor Store gift coupon good for all manner of Official Sportsman Gear and a free one-year subscription to Louisiana Sportsman magazine.

The rules simple:

• Be a registered user of LouisianaSportsman.com.

• Catch a nice trout and have someone take a photo of you with the fish. This is a single-fish contest. Well, OK, if you catch a couple of monsters and want to show them off, feel free to enter that photo, too.

Upload your photo with a short report about the fishing trip on the contest page, which can be found in the "Contest" link on the site's top nav bar.

"That's all there is to it," Crawford explained. "The hardest part of the contest is catching a trout."

And remember: A trophy trout is in the eye of the beholder.

"Some anglers might not think much of a 3-pound trout, but to others that is a great fish," Crawford said. "So don't think we only want to see photos of 7-pounders; we want to see any fish you think is a great catch.

"And they all have the same chance to win."

So be sure and register for the site, and then enter the contest today!