LouisianaSportsman.com's ethanol section has been revamped to include links to many resources about the use of so-called E-10 fuel in the boats and small engines.

The new section can be accessed through our drop-down menu or by clicking here.

Found on this page are links to articles about E-10 fuel, as well as links to outboard and small-engine manufacturers' ethanol information Web sites. This will allow our users to gain information directly from the makers of these engines.

The database listing stations selling 100-percent gasoline also has moved to an independent Web site (RealGas.info) now being administered by Pete Landry, who will continue to provide updates on the issues surrounding ethanol use in outboards.

Landry's new site is still under construction, but his database is available and available through the LouisianaSportsman.com Ethanol Information Page.