We’ve all seen pictures or videos online of animal odd couples — a kitten snuggling with an adult German Shepherd, or a bulldog roughhousing with a lion cub. 

Well, you can add another unexpected picture to the list: A South Carolina hunter’s trail cam pics show two deer joining a coyote for dinner over the same corn pile. 

Kenneth Branham, of Camden, S.C., said he would have never thought it possible if he hadn’t seen the photos with his own eyes.

“It goes against everything I’ve ever been taught,” Branham said. “If somebody had told me they had pictures like this, I wouldn’t have believed them.”

But there, just before 11 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 27, is a photo of a coyote eating at a corn pile. A few minutes later, a doe shows up, eventually approaching the coyote and beginning to eat the corn right along with it. 

A few minutes later, a small spike shows up and begins to eat at the corn pile, as well.

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