Freshwater Fishing


April offers some of the best fishing of the year for both fresh and marsh species. Tough decisions ahead. […]


Tools of the Trade

• Box calls

Box calls are the loudest of the bunch. On a windy day, it’s best to use one so the sound carries farther. According to Saale, box calls are the most realistic sounding. “To me, a box call sounds like a turkey more than anything,” he said. “It does all of the vocalizations. It’s got a good high front end with a raspy sound to it.” […]


Gearing up

Although they caught catfish in about equal numbers, the two men had different philosophies when it came to choice of rods and reels.  […]


Sounds of the season

• Gobble

A tom produces this sound as a way to let the hens know where it is during the breeding season. While a gobble can draw in a mature tom looking for a fight, it can also drive away birds that are less dominant. […]

Fishing Hotspots

Pound the trestles for Pontchartrain specks

If you don’t like fishing around crowds, you’re probably not alone —  but it can sometimes actually help anglers. The fish on the Lake Pontchartrain Trestles bridge receive a ton of boat pressure, but that can concentrate the fish, according to Capt. Justin Bowles. […]