Offshore Fishing

Tuna Town: Head out of Cocodrie for some first-class tuna fishing

Every school has its legends.

In the hallowed halls of Metairie’s Ridgewood Prep, deep in the dusty corners of painted hallways, amidst the clanging of slammed locker doors, the faint echo of one name still resonates.

Listen closely, and you’ll hear it. Peer through the glass of the well-stocked trophy case, and you’ll see it.

It’s a name that rolls from the tongues of foam-fingered boosters, sitting in bleachers and reminiscing of the school’s glory days. […]

Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting expert shares tried and true tactics

“You need to park a little way down the road and walk to the tram; you don’t want to drive in too close because you never know where one might be roosted.”

With these words of instruction from my host, Tommy Smith, I left the campgrounds at San Patricio south of Mansfield and parked my truck less than 100 yards down the road leading to the old tram, a long-ago abandoned railroad bed that ran adjacent to a creek bottom. […]