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I hope i dont get beat up to bad for asking because im truly not a internet scouter lol. I havent been fishing but about two times in this area and it was by the dam. I want to bring my soon to be father in law fishing because he has never caught reds and specks. I have no clue where to fish this time of year in this area and im just looking for some suggestions. I dont even have a boat anymore, its his boat, so i wont be taking over your fishing spot every weekend. What are your suggestions as to where and how to fish this time of year there? Thanks.

November 13, 2014 at 9:42am

It is sad the amount of money we pay for Duck and Goose hunting. But what is really sad is that I have to find out that my 6000.00 dollar Duck/Goose lease now has cannons going off across the gravel road scaring everything in sight except for cranes, nothing scares them. My complaint is not the fact of paying 6000 dollars but the fact that i wasnt told about the cannons or at least offered a discount for the lease. When i called the guy that i lease from his only answer is ' Unfortunately there is nothing i can do about it'. Yea there is, how about giving me half of my money back Reggie with Stack Barrel. Reggie with Stack Barrel had ads posted all over the Sportsman for this years hunting and i got suckered in. Guess there is a reason it was up for lease. I dont mind paying the money, but just tell me the truth is all i ask. Oh, and i talked to the guy with the cannons, he puts them every year.

December 31, 2012 at 12:14pm
A comment titled: Re: Money Racket!!!! in response to a report titled: Money Racket!!!!

This is an old post but since you asked. All he told me was he can't control what others do. That was the last time I had any dealings with him. There will always be someone willing to give him money for a place to hunt.

June 22, 2017 at 1:56pm
A comment titled: Samarai in response to a report titled: Breton Sound Marina

Thanks for you response. I will be fishing during the week. Should i use live shrimp, minnows? Plastic, cork or on bottom? Thanks for your help.

November 13, 2014 at 10:13am
A comment titled: Tieje Road in response to a report titled: Money Racket!!!!

The lease im talking about is on Tieje Road north of Roanoke. I was told the people who had the lease last year were run off cause they were drinking beer while hunting. Problem is no one leasing will give you the correct information when they are selling you the lease. I wish someone could point me in the right direction to get a goose lease for next year. I dont mind paying for at least half decent hunting. Just something for me, my dad, and my brother to shoot a few geese together.

January 09, 2013 at 6:53am
A comment titled: Past Weekend in response to a report titled: Money Racket!!!!

Went to the lease sat. to make a hunt, hoping for the best. Conditions were good as you could get. Geese started flying real good, but the cannons were shooting regular. I watched the specks change directions in the air so many times it aint funny. There is just nothing i can do, my season is over, 6000.00 dollars down the drain. If anyone out there knows of a place i can lease for next year would you please let me know. I know there is alot of people looking so just thought i would ask.

January 07, 2013 at 7:13am
A comment titled: Dmorvant in response to a report titled: Money Racket!!!!

Thanks for that info, thats what i was trying to put out there. This is the second year in a row i got screwed with a lease. There is alot of good people out there that are willing to pay money for a decent place to hunt, but you have these people that will sell anything. Next year when i get out someone will come right behind me and lease it, so they aint worried about it. Dmorvant where did yall end up going?

January 02, 2013 at 2:42pm
A comment titled: Motorboat in response to a report titled: Money Racket!!!!

You can have the lease after i get out this year. I had to learn the hard way and i was just trying to save the next person from spending that kind of money to listen to cannons. Im not a hunter that needs to kill limits everytime i hunt believe me. So motorboat i will make a deal, give me 3000 and you can have it now, if not then keep your comments to yourself. Other people who are looking might use this information.

January 02, 2013 at 7:51am
A comment titled: Money Racket!!!! in response to a report titled: Money Racket!!!!

Yes that is the guy i lease from. He manages plenty land in that area from what i understand. If the cannons were furthur away it wouldnt bother me, but when you have specks working and then flare after the cannon shots it gets to be aggravating. We had geese roosting on our place before , now nothing. No ducks around anymore either. We can hear gunshots from a few miles up the road as we just sit there looking at each other in the blind.

January 02, 2013 at 6:21am
A comment titled: Lab Puppy in response to a report titled: Hunting dog Lab

Look at Evan Grahmn's training program on DVD. Go ahead and spend the money you won't be sorry. Also Danny Farmer has the basics DVD, you cant go wrong with either.

April 27, 2011 at 12:04pm
A comment titled: Tide in response to a report titled: Wax Help needed

Look under Shell Island/ Atchafalya Bay. This is the one i have been using for ten years of hunting out there. Just a warning though, This time of year the North wind plays a major factor. Havent been out there this year, are there any ducks?

December 25, 2006 at 6:06pm
A comment titled: Salvador in response to a report titled: worst openen day in my life

I hear you, i gave up on salvador 2 years ago. The place looks like it should hold ducks but it is always a letdown when i go.

November 11, 2006 at 9:11pm
Boutte, LA

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July 12 at 1:13pm
Boutte, LA

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May 09, 2017 at 7:11am