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This past weekend we made a few trips on the water, chasing sacalait. Most of the productive areas we found were near the main lake channels, while secondary areas weren't productive. Fishing brush piles in 25ft-30ft. Typically the shad are active going into the fall, but they weren't as active in our areas yet, so we went with Black/Chartreuse Slim Jimmys and Tube Jigs. The Slim Jimmys got the most bites while the tube jigs got a few larger bites. 1/32oz jig heads with a 1/16oz crimp weight above the jig. We didn't catch a full limit, but the crappie we caught were very thick and large. This is typical for this time of year. In a few weeks the shad will be more active and we will opt for the Salt N Pepper Slim Jimmys. Enjoy the video!

You can find Slim Jimmy's at Keith's Toledo Bend Tackle on TX side and Toledo Tackle on LA Side.

October 04 at 11:35am

Last weekend we made a trip in Vermilion Bay to find some Speckled Trout and a few redfish. With the predicted conditions were were expecting a 30-40 trout day. We launched out of Don's Boat Landing. Once we got into the bay, we started fishing a good reef near the shore. Throwing a topwater and our plastics, we only picked up some sand trout. After about an hour and the boats getting heavy in the area, we decided to go further out to one of the well heads. We ended up landing a nice trout within a few minutes. Thinking we were gonna start catching them good, we only caught gaff top after that. Once we got tired of fighting gaff top every cast, we ran back north to chase some reds in the marsh. We fished the mouth of the canal, catching 3 reds off the bat 1 coming off shrimp and the 2 larger coming on the Opening Night Mad Minna. Then we moved further into the canal and picked up 2 more reds on the Mad Minna. We decided to run up into the pond area of the marsh, only to get our boat stuck. The hurricanes had the tide pulling harder than normal. A few hours later after getting out we decided to call it a day. Check out the video to see how it went!

September 20 at 3:41pm

This past weekend, the conditions weren't ideal to get out on the water in the boat, so we decided to just fish off of our boat dock. Glad we made that decision as we caught enough sacalait to make a meal. Most people don't realize that crappie (sacalait) will stack up underneath boat docks when water is rough and sun is shining bright. The water underneath docks are somewhat calmer, breaking up the waves. The cool snaps have the shad moving, so we opted for shad looking lures such as the Cajun Lures Slim Jimmy in Salt N Pepper color. We started out throwing a Green/Chartreuse tube, but they stopped biting that quickly. After that we switched to the Slim Jimmy and we finished out the morning with it. We rigged it on a 1/32oz jighead to keep it light around the dock. Heavier weights will get hung up easier. The crappie will start stacking up even more in the next few weeks, as long as the weather stays relatively cool. Enjoy the video and find some Slim Jimmys here:

September 11 at 8:44am

Team Member Jake Deweese took home a win this past weekend on Caddo Lake. Jake was buzzing the Cooyon Croaker on the water surface just fast enough to keep it on top. He was using the Midnight Color. Casting it along cypress trees and pockets within the hydrilla he was able to sack up 19.03lbs for the win! Unfortunately this included a dead fish penalty for one fish that choked on the Cooyon Croaker just a little too hard! Anytime you can go out and win a tournament on a topwater bite is a goo day on the water!

June 12 at 7:50am

Jake Deweese made a trip on Caddo Lake on 6-1-17. He was flipping in the hydrilla holes right on the side of cypress trees in about 3ft of water. He rigged his Black n Bleu colored Bayou Bug with a 1/2oz Tungsten Weight with a 6/0 Strike King Hack Attack Flipping Hook and 55lb Daiwa braid. Around all the hydrilla was bream beds, which the bass were chomping on. The Bayou Bug is a good bream and crawfish imitation lure, therefore Jake was able to have a good day on the water catching a little over 40 bass with his best 5 fish weighing just over 20lbs.

June 02 at 9:01am

We started out this past Saturday morning fishing the Negreet area of the lake. With the higher water from the past weather, I knew a spot to try that should have more water in the bushes. We started fishing the bank with the flooded bush. I was able to quickly land some solid bass on the LA-420 colored Poodoo Craw. Once my buddy Michael took off his craw he was using and put the Poodoo Craw on, he boated 3 keepers along that same bank. Once we got further back into the cove we found some very thick vegetation. The only way to get into it was to punch it. The mats had plenty of water, 3-4ft under them and were pushed up against the buck brush. We rigged up some punching rigs with the 'Pie-Yow' colored Bayou Bug. I caught a small one of the back, then Michael bowed into a big girl. We were surprised to get that bite up shallow! It was excited to watch. We caught more solid fish punching the grass then decided to call it a morning and head back to the camp for lunch. In about 3 hours fishing we were able to boat 11 bass, including a big one. Not a bad morning at all!

To view lures we used:

Bayou Bug-

Poodoo Craw -

May 10 at 8:05am

This past weekend, we took out some buddies of ours for their Bachelor Party. We got out on the water for some sacalait. We did our usual, by hopping around our different brush piles. The first day was good, filling up the cooler fast. We got a few bites on shiners, but we actually were able to bring in more fish with the Slim Jimmy. The shiners brought in a lot of catfish bites, which was an interesting battle to watch. With the Slim Jimmy, you can catch 5-10 fish before you have to change it out. Rigged up on a 1/32oz jig head with a number 3 crimp weight about 1ft above your jig. The second day we set out, was a little tougher as the front was rolling in while we were fishing, but managed a good amount to have us a fish fry.

April 26 at 7:17am

We made a little sacalait trip on Thursday April 6, the first day of the Bassmaster Elites Toledo Bend tournament. We launched out with a rough ride from Lanan to San Miguel area, a short trip relatively speaking, but those waves will make it long! We started out fishing the first brush pile with a few bites, but it shut off in about 20 minutes. The next pile was loaded. Our buddy Zack was putting on a clinic with the Black and Chartreuse Slim Jimmy out of the back of the boat, while Johnny and I were throwing lighter color Slim Jimmy's on the front with only a few bites. Once we made the switch to Black n Chartreuse it was on! We had a haul of 43 slabs in 4 hours, so not a bad trip fighting the wind and rough water. Check out the video below.

April 13 at 8:55am

Our team had a good weekend on Toledo Bend for the Eunice Bass Club Tournament. Andre and Cardell had a combined team weight of 25.20 lbs for a first place win. Andre, for his singular points, had 19 pounds with just 4 fish! Andre and Cardell caught over 40 bass using a suspended jerkbait in 4 to 10ft of water on the south end of the lake, but credits their big catches using a Texas-rigged Poodoo Craw.

March 13 at 12:22pm

This past Friday Dec. 30th, we had a good trip on Toledo Bend. Low skies and very cloudy seemed to have the fish on the move. We were fishing the afternoon, just in time before the front moved in. We were fishing the south end of the lake. We started out fishing a small hump that came up to 4ft of water on the top and managed a few smaller ones. We then moved to shallower water to find ditches and channels that lead to spawning flats. At the first spot, On the first cast, I hooked up with a 3 pounder that came off at the boat due getting caught on my rub rail when I tried to flip it in. 2nd cast, I hooked up again, halfway to the boat the fish came unbuttoned on a Crawfish colored rattle trap. 3rd cast to that same spot resulted in a 5.98lb beautiful bass. My partner caught two more fish behind me each over 3.5lbs, using a Watermelon Red Swamp Swimmer. After that I boated another good fish on the trap. We weighed our best five fish and had a total of 18.5lbs.

We went back on the New Year's Day after the fog lifted to see if we could have another good day, but only managed one fish weighing 4.5lbs on a Poodoo Craw. The rest were 6' long baby bass. In the shallower water, we found temps right at 60 degrees. Could this mean the fish are getting close to spawning on Toledo? This is my favorite time of year to fish!

January 04 at 12:08am

We took a trip with Capt. Kade Shaw on Black Friday. It was a quick afternoon trip, about 3 hours. We headed straight to one of his holes, fishing a reef. We tied on 3' Po Boy Grubs in Salt N Pepper color to match the mullet and shrimp. We quickly started loading the boat with trout and a few solid flounder. Before the sun went down, we started to chase a few birds to get in some last minute catches. Overall it was a fun afternoon, and I highly recommend giving Capt. Kade a call if you are looking to get into some Big Lake action. Check out the video to see how we caught them.

December 08, 2016 at 10:33pm

This past Saturday we took an afternoon trip on the water for some big Toledo Slabs. This is one of my favorite times to fish for crappie, due to how heavy they are feeding. We are fishing brush piles along main creek channels in 20-25ft of water. We used plenty of minnows to fill the chest with meat, but the quality slabs came on artificial lures. Cajun Lures Slim Jimmy in Salt n Pepper color is what did the trick for us, as it a close color to match shad and minnows. The crappie feed heavily on shad and minnows along the creek channels. 1/32oz jig heads with 1/4 crimp weights 8' above the bait did the trick. Enjoy the video to see how we caught them!

November 09, 2016 at 10:58pm

Zach Brazda made a trip to Bayou Benoit recently in the Atchafalaya Basin. He caught many fish using a White 3/8oz Spinnerbait, in the early morning. Once the sun got up higher, he switched to flipping bushes and punching lillie mats with the Bayou Bug in 'LA-420' color. Also a few bites from his partner came on the PooDoo Craw punching mats. You can see in the video his approach to punching the mats to get better average size bites. Enoy.

September 01, 2016 at 7:08am

Henderson has been producing some fish lately, as late summer is upon us. We recently fished the Thursday Night dog fight weighing in 5.72 pounds with the 3 fish limit. We caught our fish, fishing along a drain canal with a lot of overhanging brush and thick lilies. Most of our fish was caught using 'LA-420' color Bayou Bug. We always do well with this color in Henderson, as it is our go-to. 2 of our 6 total fish caught were on hollow body frogs. The water was fairly stained and the fish were positioned there to stay before the cool fronts start moving in for the fall, to get them moving. Enjoy the video.

August 08, 2016 at 8:58am

The water is finding to be clearing up little by little week by week. The lack of rain is really helping speed the clarity up. We made a run north to some swift current areas, that had produced the week before, to start our morning off. A few small bites is the only thing we found. We left there and decided to stick to the main river. We fished the straight deep banks of the river. Not the flat sides. The areas we got bit the most were straight banks with rocks, current, and shade. The three baits used to catch the 9.95 pounds to land us in 3rd were:

-Cajun Lures PooDoo Craw in Black n Blue with a Pousson's Punch Skirt in Chobee Craw with a 3/8 Dominator Tungsten Weight

-Cajun Lures Bayou Bug in Red Bug color setup with a 3/8oz Dominator tungsten flippin weight

-Cajun Lures custom trick worm in Black n Blue and Red Bug fished on a Dominator Rock-n-Roll Swing Jig 3/8oz

We had to absolutely touch the cover to get the fish to bite. The water is falling and clearing up. In a few weeks the river will be just right.

July 12, 2016 at 12:52am

This previous weekend we fished out of Grand Isle looking to test our saltwater lineup on some trout. We started out fishing in the backwaters of the marsh over a shell bed. Our friend started out fishing a popping cork with a live shrimp. In a few minutes we had two small trout in the boat. I then decided to try Opening Night colored Mad Minna. Immediately I have 4 larger trout on back to back casts. From here it seemed the trout turned their attention to the plastic vs the live shrimp. All four anglers in the boat put on the Mad Minna and we all started hauling them in, including breaking off a giant redfish near the boat. I rotated other colors to see if any would make a difference but the only color they wanted was Opening Night. We then decided to make our way out to the beach and fish the rock piles. It was slow at first, but then we were able to locate a school. At this point they were attacking anything and we loaded up quick. A 1/4oz H&H Jighead with a Mad Minna on the back was key for catching our trout. Enjoy the video below for some of our catches.

July 12, 2016 at 12:37am

We launched out of Sand Dollar Marina, looking to hunt down some redfish. For our first spot we hit the best marshland we could find. We began fishing around 4pm in the afternoon. The tide was falling and the water was moving perfectly. We couldn't get the reds to commit to glow colored swimbaits so we switched up to Opening Night colored Mad Minnas. This move paid off perfectly for us, we got the first bite on the first cast with the Opening Night color. All the fish were found near shell beds, and some located near small points of the marsh. Overall we had a fun time and had a successful trip for trusting our instincts on finding fish. Check out the video below on how we caught our fish.

July 04, 2016 at 10:36pm

This past weekend was a great weekend to catch bass and sacalait. We fished Sunday, catching 46, fishing brush piles in 20-25ft of water, for about 3 hours. We could clearly see the piles stacked with crappie, and the low front had them biting. At certain points, we were able to get them feeding on a frenzy, catching 5-6, then it would turn on. We got on the water at 8am and set out fishing our piles we made. We typically rig 1/32oz jig heads with a crimp weight above the jig to fall quicker, however, some of the crappie would hit the Slim Jimmy while swimming it across the brush. Bleu Glo and Black/Chartreuse colors worked well. On some piles, they fed on shad more so we threw Salt N Pepper colors at that point. Tubes also worked to get a few bites. Overall it was a good Father's Day weekend. The Slim Jimmy's can be found at Toledo Tackle. Enjoy the video!

June 21, 2016 at 11:54pm

A report from one of our Team Members Aaron Pousson on Henderson:

'We started out the morning cranking and big top water on a couple deep points where we heard people were catching earlier in the week. This was a mistake due to our lack of getting bit. We made a quick run to a protected area with an exposed small bank with a couple drains. I immediately tied on a black popping frog and started quartering the bank. 3rd cast I had one about 2 pounds. Moved up the bank about 50 yards to a big drain with flooded stumps. This is where I landed big bass honors with a 2.75lb fish. The water here didn't seem to be moving. We flipped some bushes as we exited the area only to pick up a couple big goggle eye. We ran two more spots look for moving water. We found ourselves punching hyacinths around wood and picking up a couple keepers. Here we flipped the Cajun Lures Bayou Bug in custom Red Bug color. We targeted isolated wood in the current to pick up our 5th fish and made a cull. By this time the weather was getting pretty nasty. To get out of the wind we ran back to our protected area we caught in that morning hoping for a better bite to cull a couple squeakers. I lightened my weight on my flipping stick. Draggin the Bayou Bug now, we picked up 3 more keepers. Only one good enough to cull. We finished the tournament in 2nd place. Weights were 1st....9.07, 2nd....8.79, 3rd....8.55. Big Bass 2.75lb.'

June 07, 2016 at 1:07am

Jude Mequet of Mequet Swamp Tours and Host of Atchafalaya Swamp Journals set out on Henderson Sunday looking for some slabs. Using the Slim Jimmy in 'Salt n Pepper' color, he fished before and after the rains. Fishing the Texaco Canal, he was working the lure slow, on the backside of the main channel. Under a cork was best bet to get the sacalait to come up and eat. Popping it twice, then letting it sit. Had to work through a good bit of small fish to get to some good fillets. Overall a good day, and a full ice chest. Can't beat it! Catch em on a Cajun!

June 06, 2016 at 12:05am

Thank You Tony!

April 17 at 7:16am
A comment titled: Re: Fishing in Henderson in response to a report titled: Fishing in Henderson

7-9 pound range is usually winning weights. I'm not certain on payouts for first but I believe 7-800$

August 11, 2016 at 8:27am
A comment titled: Re: Fishing in Henderson in response to a report titled: Fishing in Henderson

Thursday Night Dogfights out of Basin Landing. 5:30-8:30, 50$ entry. Over 30 boats per tournament

August 09, 2016 at 8:34am
A comment titled: Re: Headed to GI in response to a report titled: Headed to GI

You can see my report posts from earlier, the past two weekends. Opening Night color Mad Minna which is our 3' swimbait was the hot bait for boat reds and trout. We caught both back in the marshes with good shell beds.

July 13, 2016 at 8:48am
A comment titled: Re: Grand Isle Red Fishing in response to a report titled: Grand Isle Red Fishing

We started out trolling around the marsh, caught about 3 in different spots doing that, then on our way out we stumbled on a shell bed area that had them feeding and roaming around on. In that area we caught most of our fish. The water was pulling out, and this area was closer to the mouth of the marsh pocket.

July 05, 2016 at 1:12pm
A comment titled: Re: Toledo Bend Crappie Fishing in response to a report titled: Toledo Bend Crappie Fishing

@huntnut, Yes we can see them on our graph. In Down Imagine on our Humminbird we can see what part of the pile they like to pile up on. Usually we only catch them in a 2ft by 2ft square strike zone due to how vertical they can get. See image below

June 27, 2016 at 11:41am
A comment titled: Re: Deep Fishing on Toledo in response to a report titled: Deep Fishing on Toledo

Thanks, We try to give our audience and viewers true reports on our lures as well as other lures. And to teach and help other anglers, its all part of what we stand and strive for.

May 31, 2016 at 12:00am
Boutte, LA

The Slim Jimmy is an effective lure for catching finicky sacalait. The tail action allows it to be jigged in one spot to entice the bite. We offer a variety of colors for each types of water you may encounter. For best results, rig it on a 1/32oz or 1/16oz jig head.
Watch video link below to check out the action!

August 08 at 8:10am
Boutte, LA

Get in on the heart pounding action of frog fishing with the new Cooyon Croaker! This lure can be buzzed on the top and can be jerked to create a life-like frog swimming action. It can be fished with a 3/0 or 4/0 Wide Gap single hook or a 4/0 Screw-Lock double hook.

March 13 at 12:28pm
Boutte, LA

4' long. Thick round body with incredible action claws. Great for flipping and punching. Also works really well as a jig trailer, as the body of the craw allows for the jig skirt to not get tangled

September 12, 2016 at 11:17pm
Boutte, LA

When you are mad at 'em, throw the Mad Minna at 'em. A great 3' swimbait, that delivers every single cast. Just make sure you are holding your rod tight enough. Great for Redfish and Trout.

May 25, 2016 at 10:56pm
Boutte, LA

The Bayou Bug is a great flipping bait for South LA fishing. Born and tested in the bayou, this is a bait that will fill your livewell in a hurry!

August 18, 2015 at 8:53pm