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Date Fished 5/13/17:

There were plenty reasons not to go fishing yesterday, NW winds and low water. Pulled up to one of our regular spots that usually holds redfish and the first cast was fish on. We had to move around today to get them but we got them. Ended up being a real nice day on the water with plenty wildlife everywhere. The gators are all over the place and watch everything we do.

Fish were caught using Johnson weed less spoons, � or � ounce will work. With the low water we worked the edges of the grass beds and deeper cuts in the marsh to get them. Throw the spoon out there and if they are there they can?t resist it. Under those conditions it is the easiest bait to use and it works.

May 14 at 8:50am

Date Fished 4-21-17:

Went solo out to the marsh Friday afternoon to our best producing redfish hole and caught 3 nice reds despite a lack of tide. Water was crystal clear. I could see stingrays swimming on the bottom with the crabs and everything else.

Date Fished 4-22-17:

We went out around 9am to try the redfish hole again and only caught one there. Very surprising outcome. Still had the crystal clear water. We bounced around to more cuts in the marsh and picked up two more reds and ran out of time. We fished for trout late evening and caught 7 real nice trout. It would have been great to get a box of the ones we caught but they were scattered.

Video is of a real nice red caught at our favorite spot. I hope you can see how clear the water was?

To see more of my videos search on YouTube - Delta Duckman

April 23 at 9:53pm

Date Fished April 1, 2017:

This is no April fool joke. I could not make it to the camp today but two of my buddies headed there early this morning. They launched the Pro Drive boat and went directly to the spot where we caught the redfish last Sunday. The Reds are still there and catching the limit didn't take long. All caught with a weedless gold spoon. Picture is of one of the bruisers they caught. We will try for the hat trick next weekend.

April 01 at 2:33pm

Date Fished March 26, 2017:

We left the dock looking for redfish and after a few stops without a strike one of our old faithful spots had what we were looking for. Using mostly a weed less gold spoon the redfish were hungry for what we had. As the way it usually is when you find a big school if you throw the lure in the right spot they just grabbed the lure and you have to hang on. Oddly enough we were fishing what I consider to be an interior marsh area and we caught some big boys. Its not often we have to worry about the 27 inch rule but yesterday was different. Once we got into them it didn't take long to get the limit. Fun day.

Video of some of the action click on the link:

March 27 at 1:51pm

After what was a very good duck season for us that just passed I got an invite to make a deer hunt. Not ready to call and end to the hunting season I was ready to go. We hunted Friday evening, Saturday morning and the last hunt was to be Saturday evening.

I set up in a box stand and saw nothing Friday evening. Changed stands for Saturday morning and a spike stood in the food plot in what would have been an easy shot but I let him go and saw nothing else the rest of the hunt. After the hunt we checked out the food plot and there were a lot of deer tracks, some were big hoof prints. That made it a easy decision where to hunt Saturday evening.

Saturday evening comes and I saw nothing until 4:30 when a 12 point comes out at the end of the food plot and walks on the right edge toward my stand. Then at about 100 yards out he decides to peak out to eat in the food plot which allowed for a good shot at him and the rest is history. One shot and he fell on the ground right where he stood. That was a very hectic two minutes. That was like 100 grey ducks coming from a mile high right over the decoys many times. What luck I had and what a thrill as it could not have worked out any better for an avid full time duck hunter trying to be a part time deer hunter.

January 30 at 2:17pm

January 2017 Aerial Waterfowl Survey

January 20 at 8:55am

Date Hunted 1/14/2017:

Three of us went out Saturday in the foggy conditions and a little breeze from the SE. The fog stayed with us until we could not take it anymore at 10:00am when we decided to leave. We did no fire our gun the for the hunt. Zero ducks for the day. I have hunted that blind for 10 years and that has never happened before.

Date Hunted 1/15/2017:

We expected another fog morning to repeat from Saturday. Woke up at the camp and it was clear, good to go. Hunted solo. Same breeze as the day before and there were a few big ducks on the move. Shot 6 greys for the limit. Good hunt to end the weekend.

If anyone would like to see my outdoor action videos from the past go to YouTube and search for Delta Duckman - my videos are there.

January 16 at 1:45pm

Date Hunted 1/2/2017:

We started out the new year right this morning. There was a little fog this morning and the tide was up but the good stiff wind had the ducks on the move. Three of us shot 18 ducks for the day. I shot a grey, spoony, GW teal, BW teal, widgeon and pintail. The duck cycle I guess. The other guys shot a drake canvasback, redheads and greys. A very good late season hunt. .

January 02 at 2:05pm

Date Hunted 12/30/2016:

What a difference the weather makes. 15mph wind with a few gusts created the circumstance for the ducks to fly compared to the last few fog day hunts.

The grey ducks and pintail came around the decoys today but as most hunters know the later in the season it gets the harder it is to get them to come real close to the blind. Shots were a little farther than normal today. Couple that with the windy conditions that allow the grey ducks to bug out quickly thus created the 6 boxes of shells shot. Oh, we had some bad shooting too. Anyhow, we came out with 12 greys and 2 pintail and some sore shoulders. Although our shooting mojo suffered it sure was a lot of fun with a lot of action.

After the last few hunts I was worried if the ducks had left us? Those worries are unfounded based on the action we had today. Another blind we have shot a 18 greys so it is back to game on.

December 30, 2016 at 10:00pm

Dates Hunted December 23, 24, 26 & 27 2016:

After three days of horrible conditions of fog in the morning with no wind at all, circumstances for duck hunting could not have been worse. Despite those conditions we had a good time and were able to shoot some ducks, pouledeau and gallinule. Only a couple of limits were done for the four days compared to the first split when we all were shooting limits, but then again conditions dictated the outcome. We will be hunting Friday after the front passes. It will be interesting to see how much things change.

The shots on the water in the video are the rookies shooting at still targets.

December 29, 2016 at 10:04am

Date Hunted 12/24/16:

Four boats left the dock from the camp Saturday morning. The fog and no winds made if very difficult hunting early on. The boat I was in came out with 3 teal, another boat had 5 ducks, and the other boat only had 3 pouledeau. Patience paid off for the last boat to get to the camp as the 3 hunters had 17 grey ducks and 1 widgeon. The action started for them at 10:00. Greys were dive bombing them until the limit was done. It is getting to the time of the season where things have to be done differently to have success as the picture shows.

Merry Christmas to all.

December 25, 2016 at 2:36pm

Date Hunted 12/22/16:

One of our club members nickname is Rooster. The Rooster took his daughters out for a duck hunt this morning. They came out with 4 grey ducks. Rooster tells me he wanted the ducks to get close to the blind for easy shots and missed a few opportunities that would have been normal shots. The had a decent amount of greys in the area, not many teal today.

Always good to see others enjoying the sport as the girls are all smiles with their dad.

December 22, 2016 at 10:47am

See attached waterfowl survey

December 21, 2016 at 8:55am

We were hoping we could keep the momentum going into the second split but not to be. We didn't have as many ducks in our area as the first split. It seems the rain over the last couple of weeks up the line has allowed some of the ducks to move on. We are still doing well but a definite drop off. My blind did not limit out over the weekend.

For the duck hunters out in the marsh today that was an amazing turn of events. 70 degrees and no wind turned into a twilight zone moment as the big grey cloud approached from the northwest and then all hell broke lose (see picture), 30 to 35 mph steady winds and dropping temperatures. Ducks started flying but that did not assure success as they fly differently in those extreme conditions.

We did manage to shoot 2 Greenheads today, first ones for the camp this year. We ended up with 5 ducks today and not much good video for the weekend.

December 18, 2016 at 10:39pm

I took four separate videos of each weekend of the first split of the duck season and converted them into one video.

December 11, 2016 at 5:41pm

Dates Hunted December 3 - 4:

Saturday was a good day for hunting. Tide on the high side but the ducks were on the move. Had a first time duck hunter with me who shot very well. The grey ducks worked us well and the coots made the mistake of coming to close.

Sunday the rain got us as the video shows and we struggled today. Despite storm conditions it was dead calm. Slowest hunt of the spilt but we still managed 9 ducks in our blind. I shot a nice Hollywood mallard as the picture shows.

Overall it was a very good first split with the most amount of grey ducks taken sine 2011. Teal have come and gone and we have had a nice variety of ducks. Had some pintail early in the split but it seems Venice is where they want to be.

We will be back at it for the second split...

December 04, 2016 at 8:57pm

Dates Hunted - November 25 - 26 - 27:

Three days of duck hunting condensed into 3:35 of video.

The action slowed down a bit for us compared to the first two weekends but I will surely take what we had this past weekend. Most of the teal moved on for now which is not uncommon. They fade in and out as the season goes on and can come back next week, who knows? The surprise this tear is the steady action of grey ducks. The greys are leading the way followed by teal and the rest are a few here and there. Variety of ducks this year has been very good. We saw two green heads yesterday and one today. Could not get them down though, far shots.

Fingers are crossed we can get another weekend of good duck hunting in before the split.

Slow motion in the video is four grey ducks we worked to come close came in and four stayed.

November 27, 2016 at 8:39pm

Dates Hunted November 18 / 19 / 20:

The pace set opening weekend continues. The wind started blowing Friday night and the ducks were on the move Saturday. Teal were in good numbers and made for some fun shooting. Mix in the greys that were flying low to the water to avoid the wind and a good hunt is in making.

Sunday the wind let up some but still had a good breeze. The teal checked out for the most part but the greys made up for it. They came down to look at the spread and we would get 1 or 2 sometimes 3 out of a bunch. This is shaping up like 2011 which was an outstanding year. All of this could change in a week if conditions change north of us so we will enjoy while we have it.

I forgot the GoPro's at the camp Sunday morning and missed out on some good action as the picture shows..

November 20, 2016 at 9:19pm

Date Hunted 11/18/16:

Water height conditions are good right now but the weather was like a summer morning, still and warm. However, we were able to get our limits this morning mostly made up of grey ducks. The greys worked really well flying over the decoys as there were very few hunters out today shooting to scare them. If it is quiet they come close by for a shot. Had some redheads, ring necks and teal. A very good hunt under the circumstances.

November 18, 2016 at 10:21am

Aerial Waterfowl Survey - November 2016

November 15, 2016 at 9:16am
A comment titled: Re: Is anyone killing any ducks? in response to a report titled: Is anyone killing any ducks?

Much like the last few post if I were doing solo hunting I would definitely do things differently than hunt with all of the decoys and mojos. The blind I hunt in most of the time is a 3 man blind so that allows for 18 ducks which is not always an easy task, but that is how we hunt them.

If I were to hunt the grey ducks solo I would reduce the size of the pond I would hunt in and reduce the size of the decoy spread to 24 or so. I would have probably 12 pouledeau and 12 G & H swivel head grey duck decoys. For some reason greys love being with pouledeau, thus the pouledeau decoys.
I would try to hunt the points of a pond not the coves to get better shots. No blind necessary just hunker down in the marsh and get some bushes to make a natural clump to hide in. With wind at the back place most of the decoys on the sides of the point with just a few in front of the point. If your on a point and the wind is right to left put most of the decoys on the right side of the point and a few on the left. You are hoping the greys will fly over you to land with the larger group of decoys.

A few more observations of past experience. Hope it woks for y'all?

It is August yet??

February 16 at 6:55pm
A comment titled: Re: Is anyone killing any ducks? in response to a report titled: Is anyone killing any ducks?

Since it seems some of the commenters are trying to figure out ways to improve the shooting of grey ducks I have a few recommendations from experience I have learned trying to hunt the Gadwall.

I have had duck leases for years with designated areas to hunt so that allows me and the guys in the club to do things a little differently.

Many years ago I used to take a pallet and put it on a the bank of a pond then build a frame around it. Then I would put roseau cane and bushes around it for camouflage. Duck decoys usually 24 to 36 would be put out in front of the blind in different formations depending on wind direction. With that set up after many years I noticed the larger groups of grey ducks would hover outside of the decoys and were shy of coming to close to the pond shore where the blind was. Occasionally some grey ducks would come close but most of the time not. This repeated scenario became very annoying as grey ducks can be very predictable in some ways.

On light to medium wind days big groups of grey ducks love big water ponds to land in. I have commented previously big water ponds and big decoy spreads are major keys to success to get the big flocks of greys to come out of the sky for a look. Placing a duck blind in the middle of the big water is very important. It takes effort but it is worth it. 100 plus decoys and at least 3 mojo spinners the bigger the better for best results. I place most of the decoys on what would be the sides and behind the blind for a NE wind at the back. I put some decoys in front but they are close to the blind. Remember, grey ducks almost always fly outside the decoys not over them unless they are going to land I them. Anyone who has seen my videos will see exactly what my set up was. Another part is being able to talk the talk of grey ducks with a duck call. Grunt and feed when they are coming in and holler at them when they are leaving to get them to turn around. They will turn maybe three times for a look and that is it.

On heavy wind days some success can be had in small ponds with a dozen decoys hunting from a shore blind but there will be fewer opportunities and the flocks will usually be a lot smaller. There should be some close in quality shots.

I prefer hunting the big water with a lot of decoys getting the flocks of 15 to 25 coming down for a look as the site of that never gets old. When this happens I tell everyone who hunts with me this is why we do all of the work.

Grey ducks are very peculiar and are different than any other duck. The good thing is they have tendencies that over time can be learned. Adjust your hunting based on what greys like to do not what you like to do and you can have more success shooting the Gadwall duck.

If you have not seen my videos go to YouTube and search for Delta Duckman, they are all there.

February 09 at 5:22pm
A comment titled: Re: Is anyone killing any ducks? in response to a report titled: Is anyone killing any ducks?

We were very fortunate to have had a good year for grey ducks this year. My guess is about 65% of the ducks harvested by the camp this year were grey ducks. In fact, probably the best year for them since 2011 which was phenomenal. I would sign up for the season we had every year. We frequently had some really good hunts.

What is very odd this year is the lack of Dos Gris in our area. They typically show up in the later part of the season and are a good supplement to the greys that start to thin out later in the season. The camp has maybe shot 15 Dos Gris all year. Now don’t get me wrong, I much prefer shooting greys than Dos Gris, but this is an example how things in the duck world change from year to year despite similar weather conditions and local marsh habitat.

The only thing I am certain about with duck hunting is it is 50/50 things will go like you think it will even with 38 years of experience as guidance. Sure, we can improve some outcomes but the type of ducks we shoot day to day can change overnight and there is nothing we can do about it.

January 17 at 2:50pm
A comment titled: Re: Is anyone killing any ducks? in response to a report titled: Is anyone killing any ducks?

The second split has been very strange due to the erratic weather conditions. The fog days have killed us the last few weeks. No wind and very few people out in the marsh leads to very few ducks on the move. We don't seem to have as many ducks in our area as we did a few weeks ago despite an abundance of vegetation in the ponds for them. I usually look at the ducks that get up on the 20 minute boat ride back to the camp, there are fewer in our area.

The ice bowl weekend did not produce huge amounts of ducks for us either. I am of the opinion that cold weather in our area makes no difference as some people think rather it is change of weather and a decent breezes that lead to success. I have posted before, I have shot many limits with clear skies 10MPH breeze in 55 degree weather.

What is happening now are the same results year after year of the ducks gathering in certain areas and staying put. Less hunters and less fisherman moving around shaking things up along with a few less ducks in the area. Limits can still be had but we need a little help from mother nature to make it happen.

The above is why I cant support extending the season later as some in the coastal area ask for. The first spilt is always the best hunting for us.

One more weekend of hunting to go. Good luck to all...

January 17 at 9:05am
A comment titled: Re: 6 Boxes - Burning Gunpowder in response to a report titled: 6 Boxes - Burning Gunpowder

Just a few comments regarding the negativity of an earlier post and allegations of sky busting shooting.

The pond most of the videos are shot in is a big body of water not a small pond. When you have a small pond most ducks will come in and hit the decoys and allow for really close shots with very few opportunities. We enjoy hunting the big water with big decoy spreads and lots of opportunities. It is a lot of fun watching grey ducks drop from the sky to have a look and we shoot the ducks that are close to the blind. If we do shoot and cripple a duck we chase them down with vengeance to end what was started so not to be cruel to the duck. We are very successful with that strategy as after the hunt pictures show the results of our efforts.

Most importantly the cameras used for filming are GoPro cameras that don't have real zoom capability so objects appear much farther than they really are. The cameras are made for close up action not far views, thus the appearance of taking long shots.

The videos take a lot of time and effort to make and are made for fellow sportsman to enjoy. I am not going to argue with people on the do's and don'ts of duck hunting on this forum. If some are offended by what they see in the videos don't watch them.

Good luck out there and good hunting to all...

January 08 at 8:53pm
A comment titled: Re: Happy New Year Limit in response to a report titled: Happy New Year Limit

We hunt big water ponds. My suggestion if you hunt in a similar circumstance is to get as many decoys out there as you can. Even if it is late season. It is my experience if you have 100 decoys out the greys will come take a look. Also recommend at least 3 mojo spinners to get the ducks attention. All the above will do is to get the packs of greys to come look and hopefully you can get two or three out of the bunch to come close enough to shoot. If you only have 2 dozen decoys out the flocks of greys will pass you up and not give you a look.

As far as calling goes when the ducks are off in the distance hit em hard. Once they cup from high up just do a feed call or grunt into the call, lightly. Greys typically will corkscrew from high up down to the decoys and circle around the blind. If they start to leave hit the call medium to hard and they usually turn back around. They will usually give you two or three good looks and that is it. So if it is the third time around you may as well take a shot if you have one. It is very rare they (greys) will land in the decoys so pass shooting is what is required.

Another part of the equation is to be well hidden and still during their decent and flying around the decoys. Any movement is a killer.

One more bit of advice we have learned is on windy days shoot them sitting on the shell bucket. When 3 guys jump up to shoot they see that and will flare up 15 - 20 feet in no time so the quality of the first shot is not good and the second shot almost a waist of time.

I hope my advice helps. Good luck on your trip.

January 03 at 9:09am
A comment titled: Re: Louisiana Bachman Squirrel in response to a report titled: Louisiana Bachman Squirrel

Are you sure that is not a Nutria that has adapted to running in the tree tops???

December 15, 2016 at 10:30pm
A comment titled: Re: 4 Duck Hunting Videos Into 1 in response to a report titled: 4 Duck Hunting Videos Into 1

Waterfowl - Glad you enjoyed the video. We were fortunate to have a good first spilt. Where do I sign up for a repeat for the second split? Yeah, I know it doesn't work that way. Good luck to you and all of your guest for the stretch run.

December 12, 2016 at 10:22pm

I vote for leaving the current hunting dates for the coastal zone (I hunt in southeast Louisiana) exactly as they are this year. We have had a very good season this year. Because of a lack of rainfall in the agriculture fields north of us the ducks have come down here. We have shot more gadwall this year since 2011. The teal, gadwall, widgeon, ring necks, pintail come down here not because of cold weather rather they come down here on the calendar is what I have read and what I believe. The only thing that short stops the ducks mentioned above from coming to the delta is wet conditions up north. I have shot a lot of ducks in 65 degree weather in November which is ok by me.

As a retail shop owner will tell you the three most important parts of a successful business is location, location and location. Duck hunting is the same. If you are where the ducks consistently want to be then good hunts are coming. If your not where they want to be then tough times are ahead. And, when you think you have it all figured out, it seems to change in a week. Consistently shooting ducks hunt after hunt is not an easy task, that's what drives the real duck hunters to stay in the sport. It is the never ending competition and hard work trying to succeed at hitting a moving target on multiple fronts. Ducks and mother nature are certainly worthy opponents.

Good hunting to all in the sport.

December 08, 2016 at 1:22pm
A comment titled: Re: Really Good Duck Hunting Continues in response to a report titled: Really Good Duck Hunting Continues

I use two GoPro's when doing the videos. I usually use the clamp mount and put it right behind the blind using the medium exposure. Wide angle is to much. I often times use the stick mount for moving around to get the shots behind the person shooting the gun which means I don't shoot my gun. We alternate that sometimes. Just take a pvc pipe and stick it in the marsh bottom for the clamp on, works great. A must is to have the GoPro remote control that operates both cameras at the same time. Press the button and they both come on then off.

There are a lot of times you just don't get the action on video, so be it. I use Corel video editor ($90.00) for the production work/editing. I find it is better than GoPro studio.

November 21, 2016 at 11:23am
A comment titled: Re: Summerlike Success in response to a report titled: Summerlike Success

Had to get to work so no time to put a video together. Hunting Saturday and Sunday with the GoPros in the blind. Video of the hunts is coming. I hope we have some action worthy of showing.

November 18, 2016 at 10:22pm

The southeast and southwest includes the coastal zone - eastern and western parts of the state.

November 15, 2016 at 9:30pm
A comment titled: Re: Let\'s see them duck blinds in response to a report titled: Let's see them duck blinds

No big ducks in SE LA marsh. I have not seen the first grey duck in our area. We are seeing a decent amount of blue wing teal and some motled ducks. I will be out there for the youth hunt this weekend with a couple of boys. Will do some video and give a report on the action.

October 31, 2016 at 4:51pm
A comment titled: Re: Let\'s see them duck blinds in response to a report titled: Let's see them duck blinds

One of our duck blinds. A 3 man blind with first coat of Roseau cane with bushes to go around it to be added this weekend.

October 30, 2016 at 8:30pm
A comment titled: Re: Running Nets For Blue Claws in response to a report titled: Running Nets For Blue Claws

My buddy will only use turkey necks...

August 22, 2016 at 1:06pm
A comment titled: Re: Duck season overall in response to a report titled: Duck season overall

2015-16 duck season has been severely impacted by the high water we have had nearly the entire season in southeast Louisiana coastal zone. I have never seen such an occurrence.

Since we primarily hunt puddle ducks high water has had an impact on us. Vegetation is still there and can be had but they have to go down to get it or work the shoreline.I am not sure where the grey ducks and teal have gone. My theory is October there were drought conditions north of us. We had a lot of ducks in our area. Then the rains hit and has not let up putting the water in the agriculture fields that were once dry changing the game for the coastal zone. Of course we put a lot of hunting pressure on the ducks so they now have other places to go to get their food and water. They are not restricted in any way so they are spread out. Mr. Larry Reynolds aerial survey would probably confirm my thoughts.

We have all the Dosgris anyone would want to shoot. We are still getting some rare shots at greys, teal, redheads and occasional weird duck but that is what is going on with us. A very abnormal year due to high water and wet conditions up the line. The El Nino weather pattern is probably the root cause for all of the above.

January 08, 2016 at 10:47am
A comment titled: Re: Second Split predictions in response to a report titled: Second Split predictions

Overall we had a very good first split despite record high water in the Delacroix area. The NE winds blew hard for a month and never let up. If the water levels are normal the teal will show up in big numbers. We are way off the pace on grey ducks that we usually have. The grass the Greys like is there, they just seem to want to be somewhere else.

My forecast is plenty of teal, dosgris and ring necks. There should be 1 or 2 greys in the limit each hunt with the occasional, pintail or redhead. Might shoot 2 greenheads all second split and maybe a few canvasback they rest of the way.

You better bust them up this weekend because each hunt will get harder and harder. It is the way the game works every year. Since I have been doing this for 38 years I am down for and know the struggle. I still look forward to every minute out in the marsh no matter what the limit might look like. Just got to burn some powder and be in the mix with family and friends.

Happy hunting to all..

December 16, 2015 at 7:17pm
A comment titled: Re: Awesome Duck Hunt - Go Pro Video in response to a report titled: Awesome Duck Hunt - Go Pro Video

That is my son in the middle. As soon as he was big enough he started shooting an old Browning A5 light humpback and wont shoot anything else.

November 10, 2015 at 11:45am
A comment titled: Re: Proposed East Zone Boundary Change in response to a report titled: Proposed East Zone Boundary Change

As a long time duck hunter in southeast Louisiana I am not in favor of the late start to the duck season. I posted the below comment a few moths ago.


By Mileypop:

I hunt in southeast Louisiana marsh. I am for the early start not so much for the fact that the ducks may or may not be here but for the fact that at the end of the season the ducks don't fly. At the end of the season there are thousands of ducks sitting still as they have figured out the game by then.

Some will say you have to change tactics or go where the ducks are. Nice idea but there are leases involved and that is a problem.

I will roll the dice that I can shoot some teal and a few greys early.


I was out riding in the marsh this past weekend and there are more ducks in our area now than this time last year. Based on what I saw the drought in the agriculture fields up north must be having an impact on the ducks stopping up north of us. We may be in for a good year if conditions remain the same, similar to 2011.

Here is my question. If we do bang em up with the early start this year which could happen, how can the late start be justified???

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October 06, 2015 at 10:44pm
A comment titled: Re: LWF Commissioner says what? in response to a report titled: LWF Commissioner says what?

I hunt in Plaquemines Parish river delta. I am for the early start not so much for the fact that the ducks may or may not be here but for the fact that at the end of the season the ducks don't fly. At the end of the season there are thousands of ducks sitting still as they have figured out the game by then.

Some will say you have to change tactics or go where the ducks are. Nice idea but there are leases involved and that is a problem.

I will roll the dice that I can shoot some teal and a few greys early.

August 14, 2015 at 5:16pm
Boutte, LA

Lake Catherine is on the east side of Lake Pontchartrain near the Rigolets. This empty lot is 120 feet waterfront X 800 feet deep to the highway. There is a fantastic view of the lake on the east and north side of the property. At 800 feet in depth allows to get way from the noise of the highway with privacy as well. Contact via email for more information and pictures and to set appointment to view the property. The lot is cleared and ready for construction. This is a great spot to build a camp and dock 25 minutes from downtown New Orleans. Once the dock is built speckled trout and redfish can be caught at night under a light.

For more information email :

April 27 at 2:40pm
Boutte, LA

Lake Catherine is on the east side of Lake Pontchartrain near the Rigolets. This empty lot is 120 feet waterfront X 800 feet deep to the highway. There is a fantastic view of the lake on the east and north side of the property. At 800 feet in depth allows to get way from the noise of the highway with privacy as well. Contact via email for more information and pictures and to set appointment to view the property. The lot is cleared and ready for construction. This is a great spot to build a camp and dock.

For more pictures and information email -

April 12 at 10:34am