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Got home from work this afternoon and go out back to see my kid sittin in his 'boat' catching fish and putting them in his live well. I have made an addict.

September 10 at 5:28pm

Went out to scout a launch outside of White Castle last Friday afternoon and decided to take the long way down LA 404 to check out the launch in Bayou Sorrel. The launch was packed and steady filling up with people launching. Just wondering if there was a tournament or if the water has finally gotten back right?

July 11 at 10:18am

Went to Krotz Springs last weekend and the water was at least 3-4 ft higher than a month ago when we went. When can we expect the water to start to get a little more 'right' in the areas off the Mississippi River and Atchafalaya River? I looked at the 28 day forecast for the Mississippi and its supposed to be around 28ft by June 24-25. How much lower til those areas get right?

June 14 at 4:43pm

Anyone been out to Krotz Springs to see what the water looks like? Got a 'pass' to get away this weekend and I figure the Spillway and the Lake Verret area aren't the best right now because of the high water. Just looking to kill a day and catch anything thats biting. Any other areas i might need to check on let me know. Coming from the Brusly/Addis area looking to stay within an hour drive.


June 06 at 10:55am

Been looking for some new spots to try out and looking on the map I ran across 2 o'clock Bayou in Krotz Springs. It looks nice on the map, but does anyone have better knowledge of the area? Is it full of stumps or gets pretty skinny in places? Is it better to go North or South from the landing off Old 190 highway? Just looking for some general guidance. Planning on getting out there in the next few weeks. Thanks for any help.

March 23 at 12:36pm

I was planning a little weekend camping trip with my cousin and a buddy of ours and wanted to ask some opinions on the board. I want to go pitch a tent on the bank and just camp and fish all weekend. Do you think if we stay away from house boats and camps anyone will give us any trouble? I know technically it is trespassing and we dont want to start or be in any trouble. Any thoughts fellow fisherman?

September 17, 2013 at 6:36pm

Looking to take maw-maw out in the boat for some tasty catfish. Not looking for monsters just nice pan sized ones. Went to Ramah few weeks ago and not a bite. Was thinking to fish between somewhere Henderson and Pierre Part. I stay in Brusly she stays in Erwinville so somewhere around the 2 but really no where's to far to go for maw-maw.
Thanks for any help.

June 20, 2013 at 6:28pm

Old Ferry Landing in St. Francisville. When the river fell to 1-2 ft a few years ago they extended the ramp further. I know its a little bit of a drive, but it you're fishing it offers the best of both worlds. Main river fishing and Bayou Sara & Thompson Creek for some backwater fishing.

August 09 at 1:14pm

It needs to be registered even for a trolling motor. Guy I work with got popped in a little plastic 2 man pond boat. He was fishing public waters and got a ticket for not having it registered. When I built a homemade aluminum boat i had to show receipts for materials then had to do an inspection. No receipts or bill of sale is gonna be tough to work with. When it comes to issues like this DLWF can make the DMV look like amateurs. Good luck.

August 08 at 8:45am
A comment titled: Bayou Plaquemine in response to a report titled: Amite River launch

Cross the new bridge toward Plaquemine. Get on LA1 south and stop at Dickies in Addis to get some bait/gas or whatever. Pass Dow Chemical and turn right at the light across from the Chevy dealership across the tracks (Bayou Jacob Rd). Stay on that road pass The Island Golf Course and turn left at the intersection of Bayou Jacob Rd and Enterprise Blvd. When you cross the bridge you will turn right at the stop sign. The launch is to the right across for the Iberville Jail. They dont usually have bigger boats there. Have seen a few party barges and have even seen a bunch of teenagers in kayaks down there. It runs from the old locks in Plaquemine to the ICW.

August 05 at 7:48am
A comment titled: Re: Getting fish home in response to a report titled: Getting fish home

I will keep my fish in the live well until I have enough to bring home. From there like duck says ice slurry. Cheap igloo island breeze ($15 @ walmart) it keeps stuff cold but lets the ice melt during the day giving you that slurry. The only fish i will keep on a string are bigger catfish thats about all. The ice slurry also helps when you go to filet em too.

July 31 at 7:06am
A comment titled: Re: Hook 5 request for info in response to a report titled: Hook 5 request for info

That's what I've come to find out too. I will run DSI and the Sonar side by side to relate the better DSI picture to what I see on the Sonar image. What looks like a fish on Sonar doesn't always show up as a fish on the DSI. On a side note(question): Does the fish show as an arch when fishing areas like the Basin where its mostly shallow or is the arch better defined in deeper water?

July 28 at 8:18am
A comment titled: Re: Hook 5 request for info in response to a report titled: Hook 5 request for info

I bought a Hook 7 a few months ago and before I ever fished with it i sat in the garage playing with menus and settings for a couple nights. What you are looking for is in the Sonar Menu. Pull up the sonar page and hit MENU to access the sonar menu. Here's the link to the User Manual online if you need it.

July 27 at 11:04am
A comment titled: Re: Hows Sorrel/Pigeon Looking? in response to a report titled: Hows Sorrel/Pigeon Looking?

You leave the Sorrel landing headed north then take the first canal to the left. Stay right to head toward the concrete platforms. Pass that and head west toward berry lake and turn right to head north up berry lake. Pass the double pipeline canals and there was is a cut that brings you to a canal that runs east-west. The far eastern side has a 15ft high 'dam' that blocks the main canal you launch at. Maybe it is called something else. I'm not real sure

July 25 at 4:35pm
A comment titled: Re: Hows Sorrel/Pigeon Looking? in response to a report titled: Hows Sorrel/Pigeon Looking?

Thanks TC
I managed to get to take a vacation day last Tuesday and the bass weren't on that much but the bream were biting like crazy. I talked to my neighbor again and he said I was in the Green Field area. Im not familiar with the names of different sections in the basin just yet. Caught 30-40 bream had a dozen or so keepers. Too many small catfish to count (3 keepers) 3 keeper bass and a sac-a-lait. Better than any day at work for sure

July 24 at 3:17pm

South of Jennings, LA (between Lake Charles and Lafayette on the coast. Never been there just seen it on maps.

July 14 at 8:58pm
A comment titled: Re: Hows Sorrel/Pigeon Looking? in response to a report titled: Hows Sorrel/Pigeon Looking?

I've been doing a lot of reading on bass fishing since I'm pretty new to this. If I have read about a log book I don't remember, but I'll look into it. Talked to my neighbor who's works shift work (gets to fish during the week) and he scouted Monday morning and fished yesterday morning and said it was slow except for about a 100 yard stretch where he caught all his fish for the day. He ended up with 6-7 keepers and a few too small to keep.

July 12 at 9:27am
A comment titled: Re: South Louisiana Livin in response to a report titled: South Louisiana Livin

Yeah Duck I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I stay on the west side of Baton Rouge and have to opportunity to drive no more than 4 hrs and catch trophy bass, 30 mins to hooking 30+ lb catfish, and a couple hrs from fishing for specs and reds. No much on hunting but if you are a fisherman there is no better place to live.

July 07 at 9:23am

One of the easier places to get to to fish the Mississippi River would be the old Ferry Landing in Port Allen. It has parking and a couple paths to get up the levee that you bring a cart to carry your gear. As far as river stage i know the rocks are starting to show at that spot and the water is pulling out of the trees. Another place to kill some time and catch loads of small bream is Plaquemine Bayou next to the Enterprise Rd. bridge. I bring my 2 boys there pretty regular and 50 crickets go fast. You get a few keepers but it keeps the kids engaged and I used that spot to drive in the catch and release part of fishing. There is a dock and the area stretched all the way under the bridge. The best place is the right hand side of the dock. The dock and bank make a corner and its full of rocks. Small bream are very plentiful right there. That same bayou is a good place for kayaks too. Its fairly narrow and with the water being 3-4 ft higher than normal its still only about 8-9ft deep. Hope that helps out. I pulled these 2 plus a white bass from Plaquemine Bayou Monday afternoon.

July 05 at 10:15am
A comment titled: Re: Port Allen Locks Boat Ramp? in response to a report titled: Port Allen Locks Boat Ramp?

I pass over the Intercoastal Bridge at least 10-15 times a week and it looks like its getting better down there. Havent rode to Morley Marina yet but i took my mom to Krotz Srpings for some bream and now shes dying to go catfishing. If i make it to the intercoastal in the next few weeks I'll let you know how it looks.

June 26 at 11:38am
A comment titled: Re: Port Allen Locks Boat Ramp? in response to a report titled: Port Allen Locks Boat Ramp?

Technically its called Floyd's Morley Marina. Easy to find just a couple turns off LA-1.

June 19 at 10:09am
A comment titled: Re: Port Allen Locks Boat Ramp? in response to a report titled: Port Allen Locks Boat Ramp?

OH and a side note for this and your other post. In Choctaw Bayou and Thompson Creek just watch for the Asian Carp. They get pretty big and nasty out in both of those areas. Have had 15 lbs+ get in the boat with me. Blood and slime for days and for whatever reason they always end up under the console. Have had a center and a side console and it never fails thats where they go.

June 19 at 10:05am
A comment titled: Re: North of Old Bridge MS River? in response to a report titled: North of Old Bridge MS River?

we have always run about 20-30 yards off the bank to stay out of traffic. I have seen everything from paddleboards to 60-70 mph bassboats out there. Never understood the need to go 60-70 mph in the river. Ill stick to my 20-30 mph tops.

June 19 at 10:01am
A comment titled: Re: Port Allen Locks Boat Ramp? in response to a report titled: Port Allen Locks Boat Ramp?

BassHunter -
I know it may be a little further drive but Morley Marina in Back Brusly is where I launch to get to Choctaw Bayou. We stay 5 mins from there and swung by to check out the launch and its really high. Pretty sure its in the woods on Choctaw Bayou. If Plaquemine isnt too far there is Plaquemine Bayou. The launch is closed right now due to high water but we burned through a good bit of crickets Saturday on small bream for the kids with a couple keepers.

June 19 at 8:33am
A comment titled: Re: North of Old Bridge MS River? in response to a report titled: North of Old Bridge MS River?

If we go to fish the river we usually always put in at the old St. Francisville Ferry Landing. You get Bayou Sarah just to the north and Thompson Creek to the south. If I remember right the island right before Thompson Creek starts to have sandbar showing when the stage is about 18ft in BR. Thompson Creek usually has decent fish and a variety of them. I would personally wait a little while before heading out because as the water pulls out of the woods its gonna brings lots of debris with it. Have seen what looks like a 2ft stick floating but when you get close its attached to a 60ft tree. Be careful out there. Life jackets and kill switches are a must in the river.

June 19 at 8:27am
A comment titled: Re: Water level drop? in response to a report titled: Water level drop?

Thanks castnetter. I'll be on the look out for that level to get there

June 14 at 9:17pm

I can definitely believe that. I just know that I can't tell the difference in a fish from Natchez or Baton Rouge or Plaquemine. I do know that one that has lived and ate plenty around the Port of Baton Rouge (grain elevators) can have lots of fat and be oily. I do believe it's a matter of who you ask. The same can be said of the catfish in False River. So many people think raw sewage is dumped there and will eat bass but not catfish from there.

June 14 at 4:29pm
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