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Cast and Blast Charters is gearing up for the upcoming Teal season starting on September 15! We’ve been seeing a few here and there but this morning we took a ride and saw quite a few that must’ve showed up overnight. Teal season is ALWAYS a great warm up session for our regular season and a great time to take some new hunters or kids on a fun hunt. We are beginning to fill alot of our dates so if you’re interested in a duck hunt or Teal hunt, CALL SOON!

Check us out at or on Facebook at Cast and Blast Charters or by calling 5044274973!

August 22 at 11:21am

Don't miss out, I have this Saturday and Sunday available for up to 4 anglers! We've been having some phenomenal trips the last few weeks down here in Delacroix and with weekends hard to come by usually without booking in advance, this is YOUR perfect opportunity. With school starting across the state I'm willing to drop my prices if you bring a child with you as a GREAT send off present to their new school year. Please come down and take advantage of the great fishing and this one time deal I'm offering!

Check us out at or Call/Text at 5044274973, CALL NOW before its too late!!!

August 08 at 2:54pm

Friday morning OPEN!!!!
I have an opening for up to 4 anglers for this Friday morning to get in on some of the incredible Redfish action we've been having down here in Delacroix! The past few weeks have been some of the BEST redfishing I've seen in all my years of guiding, there are ALOT of fish in our marshes right now, but you definitely need to know where to look, they aren't widespread where anyone can launch a boat and go find them, but if you know where they are they are THICK! We've been very fortunate this summer so far with not too much bad weather except the typical evening thunderstorms, so PLEASE don't let the weatherman discourage you, a 40-50% chance of rain is normal, it happens everyday in south Louisiana, all that means is that 40-50% of south Lousiana will witness some rain, it doesn't mean a washout! Come on down and get on some of these hard fighting Redfish in the BEST area to fish in Louisiana!

Check us out at, or Call/Text us at 5044274973 for pricing. Keep up with us daily on our Facebook page at 'Cast and Blast Charters LLC'.

July 16 at 5:05pm

GREAT Opportunity!
I now have this Saturday and Sunday morning available for up to 4 anglers as my group unfortunately had an emergency which caused them to have to reschedule. Don’t let the overly dramatic weatherman scare you off guys and gals, it rains everyday in south Louisiana in the middle of the summer, and when you are reeling in fish after fish its a definite welcome cool off to get a pop up summertime shower. The action has been nothing short of spectacular down here in Delacroix the last 2 weeks and with the big tide we are having right now the weekend will be a perfect opportunity to grab the opening while we have a weekend available for you. We have been having some absolute EPIC Redfish trips the last 2 weeks with easy limits and enough catching and releasing to send anyone home exhausted, and as a sweet bonus, the BASS are eating like piranhas right now! Don’t miss this chance at truly a great time with friends/family making some incredible fishing memories, NOW is the time to come down to Delacroix! Call/Text me ASAP at 5044274973 or check us out at
Please visit our Facebook page to stay up to date hourly on each days trip and see exactly how great the fishing is at “Cast and Blast Charters LLC.” Mention this post and I’ll knock 10% the price for Saturday or Sunday ONLY!!!! Don’t miss this opening guys, a weekend opening is very rare during our peak fishing and I’d hate to waste it. Bring those kids that have been tugging at you since school let out to take them fishing, this is the perfect trip for them as the fish are close and plentiful!

July 05 at 9:28pm

Cold fronts are behind us and the action is ON in Delacroix with speckled Trout and Redfish! The past week the Trout have really made a showing in big numbers for us in Delacroix, and the good thing is they are inside, and they are beautiful fish. The shrimp havent showed up yet, which is usually the kickoff to our Trout season, but the fish are gorging themselves on baby croakers right now, we have a TON of mature croakers in our deep canals right now and the Trout are taking full advantage! The Redfish and Black Drum has picked up the last few weeks as we are beginning to get some southeast winds with a little saltier water and driving more and more fish into our marshes daily! The reds have been starting to stack up for us and we are catching limits daily right now. May and June are 2 of my favorite months down here and we would love to have you!
Check us out at or follow us on Facebook at “Cast and Blast Charters LLC”. NOW is the time to book your trip of a lifetime!

May 02 at 12:06pm

Trout have showed up!!!
We finally have had numbers of some Trout show up the last few days in Delacroix! I have Friday and Saturday open as of now as this is my only weekend available for a while, DONT MISS OUT! Call me at 5044274973

April 10 at 11:05am

Spring is approaching, and that means SPECKLED TROUT time!!!!
We had a Great Fall/Winter down here in Delacroix and we are anticipating a fantastic Spring. The first full moon is April is usually the kickoff for the big Trout, so make sure to pick your days NOW, don’t expect an open weekend in April or May unless you book early. The Redfish have been treating us right this month with a few Trout showing up, March will get better and we cant wait. We just finished our brand new lodge located 1/4 mile from our dock with on the water first class accomodations!  We have a lot of new packages this year to suit everyones dream trip, and we have the one for you!
Check us out at or on Facebook @CastandBlastChartersLLC and be sure to call asap at 5044274973

February 27 at 1:24pm

Last minute opening for up to 4 hunters in the marshes of Delacroix, La TOMORROW! This is the day before a hard cold front pushing through our state which has pushed a lot of new birds into our area! CALL NOW for pricing! 5044274973 or

December 22, 2017 at 3:41pm

Second Split only days away!!!!
Our season reopens this Saturday on December 16 and runs until January 21, which gives us 36 more days until the season is over, and NOW is the BEST hunting of the year! We took a ride today on most of our properties, and the birds definitely good comfortable and in big numbers, just waiting to be stirred up. We had a pretty good first split, but we just didn’t have the weather. its finally gotten colder outside with some big fronts pushing in from the north, the birds have arrived in numbers. I have some room left for the weekend as well as the remainder of the season, so give us a call!
Please visit our website at or Call/Text at 5044274973.

December 12, 2017 at 12:23pm

FANTASTIC Hunting this week!!!
We’ve been taking advantage of one of the best seasons we’ve had in a long time, lots of birds, and LOTS of limits. The last front that passed this week made a big push of a lot of big ducks for us, the Grays have showed up in big numbers, and we’ve been killing at least one Pintail per hunt, along with PLENTY Teal, some Wigeon, few Redheads, and a Canvasback or 2! We’ve really had some great hunts recently, just moving with the birds and putting our clients on some great decoying birds. The first split closes December 3rd, so we have a little over a week left to get in on the great hunting before we close for a 2 week break.
If the “Cast” portion interests you also, the trout fishing is absolutely on FIRE right now! We fished 2 boats yesterday in the 20mph wind we had and the trout definitely didn’t seem to be bothered, both boats had our 75 fish limit of the biggest trout we’ve caught since the summer, with many 2lb plus fish with a few 3s and all the way up to a 5lber this week! The trout have been a one or two stop shop for us and you’d have to be crazy not to take advantage of our “Cast and Blast” special! We offer first class lodging only steps from our boats, our fully guided morning duck hunts, where you will make the easiest and most enjoyable hunt possible, and the world class inshore fishing that Delacroix has to offer!!!
Please check out my website at, Check us out on Facebook for day by day reports at “Cast and Blast Charters LLC” and CALL NOW to book your trip of a lifetime, 5044274973!

November 23, 2017 at 8:14pm

We got DUCKS!!!!
Duck season starts this Saturday, and the ducks have showed up in time! We have actually had a pretty steady amount of ducks that have been trickling in over the last few weeks and this weekend is going to be a GREAT opener, and we still have openings! Theres a good front pushing through tonight, which will push even more birds down for us, and with the unbelievable amount of feed we have on our property, the birds should stay a while. We have everything ready for this upcoming season, as we have finished touching up all our blinds, finished rigging decoys, and testing our new boats out! The fishing has absolutely been on fire down here, so don’t forget about our “Cast and Blast” special, or come down for just a morning hunt.
Check us out at as we still can fit you in this weekend, or CALL NOW at 504-427-4973

November 08, 2017 at 5:10pm

The time is here, only 12 more days until the 2017/2018 Duck season kicks off here in coastal Louisiana and we couldn’t be more optimistic. We’ve so far had 2 decent fronts that have pushed through our area and both have brought a significant amount of ducks down for as early as it is. I’ve been seeing ALOT of Teal, Gadwall, a few Pintail, some Wigeon, and a couple flocks of Canvasback all throughout our leases, and we definitely have plenty feed this year to hold these birds all year. We are putting the final touches on everything as all of our blinds are in order, the boats are ready to go, and we have plenty room for YOU! We hunt up to 4 hunters per blind, with multiple boats available each day, we NEVER mix groups so you will always be hunting strictly with your guests and a guide only. Our operation includes all privately leased land with no public hunting, and we offer the easiest hunt possible for you and your guests, with ZERO walking required. We always give an open invitation to bring kids and new hunters along, especially early in the season as the temperatures are quite as harsh and the action is very consistent. November 11th is the opening day and we have another 60 day season this year offering plenty time to get in on a hunt of a lifetime only 45 minutes from New Orleans. This is our 14th year of guiding full time and with all the new “pop-up” guide services out there, we strive each and every day to ensure the most professional and enjoyable experience you could expect. We offer morning hunts, morning/afternoon fishing trips, and of course, our specialty the “Cast and Blast” special which is truly the best bang for your buck! Our lodge is located only steps from our boats and offers you a true hunting lodge feel, while perched 20ft over the marshes of Delacroix, La. My guides and I provide everything for your trip, all you need is a gun and shells, a license, and drinks/food for the fishing trip, NO extra costs.
On a fishing note, the last 2 weeks has been some of the best fishing my guides and I have seen in 10 plus years! We’ve been fortunate enough to consistently catch our limits on speckled trout for our clients, and the Redfish bite has been as good as it gets period. The fish are absolutely EVERYWHERE right now, and all within a 10-15 minute boat ride from our dock. November through January is consistently the best fishing of the year for us here in Delacroix, and it fits in perfectly with duck season, so don’t let the best fishing of the year pass you by!
We are filling up fast, with the season fast approaching give us a call and get your morning hunt, inshore fishing trip, or the “Cast and Blast” booked before we are full. Check us out at and CALL NOW at 504-427-4973

October 29, 2017 at 9:11pm

Teal season ends this weekend and before we know it Duck season will be upon us! Our season opens on November 11th this year and runs through January as we have been given another 60 day season. The breeding numbers are up this year, our leases are absolutely full of feed, and as long as the weather cooperates it will be another great year for us in Delacroix. As we wrap up Teal season this weekend, we are expecting a cool front on Friday which will definitely push a few Teal down if you are interested in a last shot at Teal season, don’t hesitate to call! We will be counting down the days until duck season as we will be keeping a close eye on the migration while we are out fishing. We offer morning duck hunts on all privately leased land where my guides and I provide you with the easiest and most productive hunt possible, our “Cast and Blast” special is an all inclusive trip which provides you with a full day of shooting ducks and catching fish where you truly get your days worth of the game our marshes provide. We have first class lodging only steps from our boats, as well as offering some great meals for your stay! Don’t wait to book, days are going fast!
Please check out my website at and our Facebook page at “Cast and Blast Charters LLC” or Call NOW at 5044274973

September 26, 2017 at 9:04am

Teal Hunt opening Tomorrow for up to 4 hunters in Delacroix, Call NOw! 5044274973

September 21, 2017 at 5:38pm

Teal Season kicks off this Friday morning, and the weather is PERFECT!!!
I have one blind left open for Friday for up to 4 hunters for opening morning. The last few days have definitely felt like early Teal season, and we already have a good amount of birds in our marshes around Delacroix. The last few days we’ve have a predominately North wind, which allows the birds to catch a ride from up north and arrive in our marshes, where theres plenty of food sources to hold them a while. This year we are allowed 6 birds per person again, so don’t miss out on some fantastic Teal hunting only minutes from New Orleans.
The fishing has been extremely consistent the last 2 weeks and definitely has spiked compared to what our August bite was like. The fish are starting to transition into their Fall patterns, and they are schooling up on current lines and high current points. NOW is the time to take advantage of our “Cast and Blast” special, the Teal season runs until September 30, so don’t delay!
Please check us out at or Like us on Facebook at “Cast and Blast Charters LLC”.

September 12, 2017 at 2:58pm

Guided TEAL Hunts in Delacroix!
We have less than 3 weeks until opening day of Teal season, which begins Friday September 15th. The last week while fishing in the marsh we have been seeing a few groups of bluewings showing up on our leases, and we still have a few weeks until the season opens for more to arrive. Our hunts provide a fully guided hunt in extremely comfortable and dry blinds which comfortably hunts up to 4 hunters in each blind. Our leases consist of 2,500 acres of privately leased marsh on the edge of the freshwater diversions off the Mississippi river, which is the exact habitat the Teal are looking for! The fishing portion of our 'Cast and Blast' is the second half of the day, which is the perfect way to truly take full advantage of what our marshes have to offer. We are going on our 14th year guiding duck hunts and inshore fishing in the marshes of south Louisiana, and I'm more excited than ever as to what this season will bring!

We offer waterfront first class lodging only steps from our boats, with all the comforts of home while overlooking the pristine marshes of Delacroix, La. We accommodate groups of up to 30 and have many options to customize a trip to suit all your wishes! Please check out our website at and CALL NOW at 5044274973

August 29, 2017 at 10:04am

Week of the BULLS!!!
The Bull Redfish are swarming right now around Delacroix, and theres as many as you'd like to hook! The Redfish action on the outside the last few weeks has been nothing short of spectacular! We've been able to fill the spots of dozens of clients 'personal best' Redfish, and NOW its YOUR TURN!!! The weather has been cooperating for us each day with summer showers not popping up until after lunch each day, giving us plenty time to wear our clients out with the big reds. I have Friday and Saturday available this week as well as 4 more openings in the rest of August. This Bull Redfish bite will only last a little while longer, so take advantage of it NOW!

Please check out my website at and CALL NOW at 5044274973.

August 22, 2017 at 2:29pm

***************Tomorrow Morning OPEN******************************
I had a last minute cancellation for up to 4 anglers for tomorrow morning/evening!! The weather is GREAT, the fishing is GREAT, and the fish are waiting on YOU!! Don't miss out on a perfect weekend, CALL NOW! 5044274973

August 18, 2017 at 4:24pm

Now Booking for the 2017/2018 Duck and Teal Season!
The days are filling up for the upcoming season and we couldn't be more excited to offer another year of guided hunts and our famous 'Cast and Blast' combo! This is our 14th season this year and we'd love to welcome everyone down to Delacroix for a true first class experience! The Teal season begins Friday September 15th and ends September 30 with a 6 bird limit per person. Our regular season begins Saturday November 11th and runs until December 3rd, where it closes for 2 weeks and reopens December 16th and runs until January 21. We are blessed with another 60 day season and here in south Louisiana we are able to do our 'Cast and Blast' combo all of those days as well and be productive with the fishing after shooting plenty ducks in the morning. All of our property is privately leased, our hunts require NO walking, and we strive to make our clients hunt the most enjoyable, productive, and easy as possible day in and day out. We offer first class lodging with an incredible balcony view of the marshes of Delacroix only steps from our boats and our guides take care of everything needed for your trip. We are booking NOW and look forward to seeing you this season!

Please check out our website at, Call us at 504-427-4973, and check us out on Facebook at 'Cast and Blast Charters LLC'.

August 09, 2017 at 12:20pm

Opening Friday for fishing in Delacroix!!!
I just had this Friday open up for a trip of up to 4 anglers. This is the last Friday opening for a while and we don't want you to miss out! The fishing has been off the charts the last few weeks as the white shrimp have showed up in full force and the fish are right behind them. We've had some GREAT trips lately, whether our clients have wanted to sight cast Redfish or load the boat with speckled trout, the action has been HOT! I'm still offering my 'Back to School Special' of 100$ off if you bring a kid, so don't miss this opportunity, Call NOW 504-427-4973 and check out our website at

August 09, 2017 at 11:40am
A comment titled: Pictures soon in response to a report titled: Great Fishing Continues!!!!!!!!

I have some great pictures of these fish, but left my camera in my boat, will post soon.

May 23, 2011 at 9:20pm
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