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New Birds

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Hunted the front yesturday afternoon in Gueydan. Had a big push of new birds with it as well as the one behind it. Large flocks of Big ducks. comming from the north. @ 5:30+/- Countless flocks of geese clouded the skys. These were new birds just making it down here. They were not here Sunday. All comming in from the north. Blues , Snows ( They had a few down already,but not in these numbers) Specs ( Huge flocks not just a few 5-10s) and even heard a few Canadians (Lessers i'm sure That's all i've ever killed there.).Birds were working the calls and hitting the deeks (again something i didn't see other than opening day w/ teal) I saw not one teal all afternoon. Everything i saw were big ducks.
Good deal, i've got a hunt planned just south of Gueydan for Friday. Got some reports from SE La marshes today of good flights of new birds showing up as well. Hope everyone can close out the first split strong.