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Balistic Guru's......Got an opinion???

Ok guys.........I already know what I'm gonna shoot......Unless you can convince me otherwise........Which would you use in a thick cover hunting area??? 30-06 or 44mag.....also which grain.....Don't think I will have a far shot to make......I would guess under 60yards.........I'm planning on the 44mag 240grn half jacket.........Sound good to you??? Look out by the excited as I am about getting out there, Ya'll may have some new competition......But don't worry, I plan to kill one in the first 30 minutes, then getting out of your way!!!!! Tim
I'm no guru but both have their advantages and disadvantages. But I also wouldn't limit myself to just those two calibers. The 44 mag is a good choice for that range and plus depending on the actual rifle you can use it for primitive as well. But if you ever plan on hunting any other conditions you will be limiting yourself on distance. The 30-06 on the other hand is a very versatile round and will work just fine short or long yardage, but is not legal for primitive. You may want to also consider 30-30 and .308 both of these rounds work very well in the brush but like the 30-06 are not legal for primitive. Between those two if it were me and I knew I would never have shots over 100-150 then I would definitely go with the 44 just so I could use it during primitive. Hope that helps.
I love my Marlin .44 Mag for hunting the woods. A shoot either a 240 gr hollow point or soft point. The deer don't seem to realize the difference. Shoot'em in the heart/lungs. I've had problems with head shots, the bullet has actually glanced off more than one !!!!! I roll my own for both the .44 and '06.
As far as the '06, I shoot a 165 gr bullet in it. I prefer the Remington Core Lokts. Anyhting heavier is usually for thicker skinned game and may not give full expansion on a swamp goat.
I will say that I've never had to track a deer with the .44. They normally fall within a few steps of where they have been shot. The '06 kills'embut they have gone further even thought they were dead on impact.

You got yourself a stand?

Shoot either, but personally I'd use the 30-06
"curved light opinions" ???
..."tuddy-tuddy" sights !!! hold 'ya breath...squeeze easy (not like 'ya Honeymoon)...and under 60 yrd he's in 'da pot !!!...cheers
Sure did..........
Yep Got a stand from a fella on here.......Super nice guy, even gave me some pointers......... The reason I asked about only these 2, is b/c that's all I got to use....Not goin buy a fancy gun just yet......The rifle is a Ruger corbin 44.........Looks just like the 10/22 unless you look at it from the buisness end.........Then it's a bit different.........And Adm.......It only got iron sights........No scope mount.......So it'll be like when you used to hunt, back before scopes were invented...........hahaha.......
What are you comfortable with?
I never did see the point in switchig guns when you hunt in thicker terrain. I have both a 30-06 and a .44. I am very comfortable with the 30-06 and will use it instead of the 44 unless I just want a challenge (open sights). If you can throw up a rifle and the cross hairs are where you want them to be, don't switch guns. Be comfortable with your choice and STICK WITH THE GUN.
Thick Brush = 44 Magnum
240gr Hollow Points.
Been using one for 5 years now. Like that other fella said, they dont run far, if they run at all. I wouldnt try to shoot over 100 yds tho.
It came w/scope rings from Ruger, so I use a scope. It is deadly accurate and it's a fun gun.. Have a good seaon.
Blow gun
Timmy get you a blow dart gun and dip the tip in liquid meth, really fun.....good luck
TIM = Post Puller
I noticed that you had removed your post that I made a comment on//besides begging for a free stand, hunting tips and date of opening day remember you need a license!!do us all a favor & stay out of the woods!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, I'm new at this deer hunting, Never had the chance to get into it before.......You act like you never tried to learn anything from the bottom up .......and yep I pulled the question, b/c I didn't want to get anyone confused......Somehow this offends you.....Sorry you feel that way.......I've been in the woods alot of my a good hunter and fisherman....and will give this a go........Maybe I'll enjoy it, maybe not......But I'll be there no matter what........And I'll be the first to help someone else down the road if I can..........Tim
he'll probably end up in your spot deer killer! LOL

tim you are not worthy of killing our majestic deers, let the big boys handle it.