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Question to all fishermen of South Louisiana!!!

Question to all fishermen of South Louisiana!!

Why do you think that the Morganza Spillway was not opened to let the Mississippi River flow out that way????

My answer would be that all the Politicians fish around there so they don't want their fishing messed up. In other words, they don't want to put that $4.00 per/gal. gas in their tank and take a good hour and a half drive to find good water - while they're taking our tax dollars to fill their tanks anyway. People say the lake will come back in one year like it did after Katrina but there is a big difference between then and now - the quantity of water is much more now. If they open the Morganza, it would still drop the level around the New Orleans area, whether it is 15 miles up river or 75 miles up river. I don't know much about the decision to open it, but it brings up a good question -- why don't they open it?
If anyone knows something, please let me know. This post is not to hurt any feelings of the people around that area, but it just brings up the good question of why don't they open the Morganza but always open the Bonnet Carre? Anyone?
opening the morganza
There are procedures in place that govern the opening of spillways that have been in place since the flood control structures were built. The first step is to open the Bonnet Carre then the next is to open the Morganza. A friend of mine emailed me a link to this whole process and the corps manual. I deleted it or I would post it for you. I beleieved they didn't want it opened because it would of ruined all of the great deer hunting in the Morganza spillway. But that was before i read the guidelines for opening it. Cheer up man I don't think it will be as bad as some are making the opening of the spillway out to be. I fish Vermillion Bay and our water stays mostly fresh for about six to ten months out of the year and we still manage to catch fish. Now they may be catfish or reds but they are still fish and they are all tasty when cooked properly.
1. Morganza has only been opened once, in 1973, and the Misissippi evidenced a desire to divert down the Atchafalaya, so they're scared to open it again.
2. Farmers and ranchers lease property that would be inundated by Morganza opening, while Bonne Carre is just recreational property, so less loss.
3. Lake Ponchartrain needs an annual influx of fresh water to mimic the old hydroflow, so a little diversion is actually good for the lake. Maybe this will delay the dying off of the cypress trees.
These guys are right, there is a set order in which they open the spillways. BC, then Morganza, and if that isn't enough the fuse plug levee north of the ORCS can be blown. Discharge has to reach a certain volume for each one to be opened. Like they said Morganza has only been opened once in '73. Since then the Corps added the auxillary control structure, which takes some of the strain off the main structure. Keep in mind the ORCS wasn't constructed to prevent flooding down the Miss. it was built to prevent the Miss from permanently shifting and following the Atch. The Corps maintain a 70/30 split of the discharge. The spillways help with flooding but are primarily there to take stress off of the ORCS and prevent capture. If it wasn't for the ORCS, this would have already happened. This link does a much better job of explaining it, hope this helps.
endangered species
morganza spillway has black bears. also, although rare, panthers have been sighted there aswell. opening up the spillway will violate the endangered species act.
Don't be silly..Politicians fishing????
Read this great article on Morganza.
I agree with the other people on this, they have only used those locks once since they were made.That was most likely a big reason for not opening the locks. Number two would be if they did it would flood everything between the east and west levee halfway to morgan city. number three is they tried keeping water out of the fourbay this time with a make shift sandbag levee and when it did fill it was all at once and not filling up slow, soo there was probly too much water and pressure to open the locks to open without some kind of failer to the structure it self.
Does anyone know how much flow is in the Mississippi right now????
Here is all I have.
Baton Rouge - 1,313,000 cfs
a ways to go..?
I believe (according to that website posted) it has to exceed 1,500,000 cfs to be diverted through the atchafalaya via morganza spillway.

Actually, if they didn't have the BonneCarrie, they would've had to open the Morganza. I also heard that the Morganza spillway is so old that they are afraid if they have to open it it may break apart.