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.243 opinion

I'm looking to purchase a .243 youth model for my 6 yr old. Which brand do you guys perfer and where did you get the better deal? I will be mounting a 3X9X40 Leupold scope on it. I'm leaning towards the Savage, but they don't make it in Youth model - or at least I have been unable to locate one. I know I could always cut down the stock - really don't want to do that. Thanks!
the best gun for the money would be a remmy modle 7 or 700. Also you might want to look into getting a 7mm-08 i have one and love it. the recoil is about the same as a 243. i have taken a deer with it at almost 300 yards. its a great round.
They do make a youth .243
From the Savage website...

ALSO, check the Cabela's ad in today's Advocate. They have several guns on sale.
New England fire-arms, ultra light youth model. synthetic stock. 2 inches shorter than all other brands.
Look for a guy posting under the name Booker. He can get you what you are looking for.
Youth rifle
I purchased my son a .223 in a Rossi youth Model!
They also sell it in the .243. its stock and barrel are shorter. Fits him perfect.
Took his first deer with it last season.
Sold for $214.00 rifle and scope package, already bore sighted!
Good luck!
243 youth
academy has a mossburg atr in the 243 that has the shortest distance from butt to trigger. I have the atr in 3006 and love it. just my thought
Remington 715
I purchased a Remington 243 for my kids from G & H in Geuydan. The model # of the gun I believe is 715 model. It is a little heavy but does not kick at all. I have a 7 year old who has not trouble shooting this gun.
My wife has a Remington model 700 in a Youth .243 and she shoots the crap outta deer and hogs. Never failed her yet. Her dad has taken a near 120" 6 point with a .243. Wonderful round, no complaints what so ever.
Found this

Hunter Series
Model 10GY Youth – with AccuTrigger™
Action Short
Caliber 223 Rem, 243 Win, 308 Win
Overall Length 41.5"
Barrel Length 22"
Weight 6.5 lbs
Capacity 4 rounds
Stock Walnut finished hardwood with cut checkering. 12.5" length of pull
Sights Adjustable rear/bead front. Drilled and tapped for scope mounts
Rifling Rate of Twist 223 Rem (1 in 9")
243 Win (1 in 9.25")
308 Win(1 in 10")
Features AccuTriggerTM, blued barreled action, free-floating and button-rifled barrel, top loading internal box magazine, and swivel studs
Retail $558.00
I would look at the 7mm08...
much better all around than the .243
Remington Tack Driver
I bought a Remington 700 youth model (243) for my step daughter and 6 year old nephews to use and it worked great for them,I would highly recomend it! second and less expensive choice would be the NEF Handi Rifle in .243
My suggestion is just to stay away from ROSSI (it takes alot of work to adjust), and academy, they are useless for customer support. MY .02
I bought My son an NEF handy rifle 4 years ago & he killed his first deer with it. My daughter is of age to hunt now I let her sight it in last sunday with Fedral Vital Shock rounds and she was drilling the target at 50 yards with a 3x9x40 scope. And best of all this is a fairly inexpensive rifle
Go with the Ruger Bolt Action youth model! I have the gray wood grain with the stainless barrel and it is a beautiful gun that is absolutely sweet. My wife and my nephew shoots it. My wife loves it and she is a really prissy women. She is a beautician! But the Ruger 243 is a great gun. It is really short and fits the little ones perfectly!
Rem 700 youth is what I use, Its very light weight and wont drag you down while walking. Its short and sweet.
Browning A-Bolt it was about $350 about 7yrs ago but i know that the price went up.
I bought a Savage at WalMart for my then 9 year old. He first hunted with it when he was 10. He has yet to miss. 4 deer, 2 pigs, 1 coon and counting...
i agree with "choupique3"
i have a 7mm-08. its a fast shootig bullet for such a small gun. i have shot multiple deer with it and my dad liked mine so much that he bought him one too. not to put down on the .243's but they just dont seem to have as much knockdown power.
7mm 08
ruger or remington youth 7mm 08 u pay a little more than ne single shot but u get what u pay for cheap single shots are just that cheap and they kick i have one in cabnet i dont use spring and get ruger or rem.243 or 7mm08.thats my opinion
Howa M1500 .243 youth
Ok guys and gals! What about this gun HOWA m-1500 ultralight .243 (its the same company that makes Weatherby Vanguard) I've read alot about it and talked to several local dealers that recommed it over savage and remington - and NO its not the only gun the sell...they sell remington, and savage too. Does anyone have one or know anyone who does? thanks again.
Ruger Compact in 308. Start them off with Remington or Federal reduced recoil loads (recoil equal to 243 but Federal shoots a 270 grain bullet, remington shoots a 125 gr)and you have a gun for life. Pretty gun too!!!

Integral Mounts
Rings included with gun
Short and compact, but not too heavy, and not too light
Three Position Safety allows unloading with safety on
Hinged Floorplate for ease of unloading.

A gun for life

Just my 2 cents.
Rossi for sale!
I am selling a youth model Rossi .243 break barrel with sling, scope, & case. Shot only 16 times. $ 175.00 like new.