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Fish off the beaten Path

Been busy working and running a few charters. The fishing has been off the beaten path this year and defiantly not the usual holding patterns. It has been hit and miss on the beach and we are running and gunning to find the fish. Sometimes we hit five or six spots in a 20-mile Radis be four locating the fish. The key to our success has been clean water, moving water, calm winds and live bait. We have been catching our share on most trips but finding the fish has been a challenge. The other challenge has been live bait, but it has made the difference between catching a few to catching every cast. The last few trips have been great weather and slick calm; the fish are starting to stack up and it is a fish every cast. Preferred method shrimp under a bomber cork with 2 feet of fluorocarbon and #2 hook. It looks like the trout are late and we are going to fish into September.

Listed are the spots that we have been running and gunning to locate the fish: Yellow Rig, East Timbalier- west rocks, West Timbalire rock jetty, West Timbalire surf, West Timbalire The Wall, West Fallen rig, PB Island, Fourchon barges, Fourchon rock jetty and Elmers Island point.

Capt. Darrin J Foster
Kick-Em-Up Fishing Charters