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Guess I shoulda learned from my last afternoon T-Funky trip dat there would be a ton of boat traffic on T-Funky but I am stubborn and wanted to get in an afternoon pirogue bass trip this afternoon and about the only good to come out of today's trip,besides gorgeous weather and excellent aerobic work out was running into one of the T-Funky's sac-au-lait experts!!!He and I chatted for a few minutes and he had a nice mess of slabs with one horse in de bunch.Not sure exactly when he launched and we never ask where he catches his slabs and he never asks where I catch some chunks but we both had to dodge a bunch of boats today!!Finally landed a smallish Kentucky bass just as huge yacht(looking like a booze cruise,to me)passed by and they probably had no idea that I caught and released a fish!!I tried a ton of typical spots and about all I had was the bass I released and did see what looked like smallish blue catfish chase Yum Swim n Dinger worm!!Headed to my deer lease tomorrow to bust some clay pigeons and hope the teal show up in local marshes!!!