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Catfish Spine/Fin Wound Relief

Ever get stuck by a catfish's fin ?

Hurts like the dickens huh? Wanna' hear a great method of gettin' rid of the pain,,,, short of NOT gettin' stuck in tha' 1st place ? ?

PINE OIL - the kind used in housekeeping and cleaning. It's a very stout solution, unlike Pine Sol brand solution, which is greatly diluted.
I think it must take three complete Pine trees to make a bottle ov' that Turpintine stuff,it's so strong,,LOL

It takes away the pain in a few minutes and sometimes even sooner.
I keep some in my boat while fishing . You can find small bottles of the stuff in most AG type grocery stores in the cleaning area.

I recently was stuck bad enough I had to get pliers to first cut off the barb to relieve the fishes weight off my hand, then pull out the barb. While skinning a smaller catfish, the hanging hook pulled through his bottom lip, the fish flew with much force into my hand, the side fin impaling my thumb right in the knuckle joint about 1/2 deep into it. I was almost sick just knowing how bad this one waz gonna hurt..
Pulled the fin, went in and washed off the wound good, tried to stop the bleeding to no avail. I soaked a paper towel with the Pine Oil, and got the bleeding to stop, then soaked the sponge portion of a bandaid with more Pine Oil,,, taped the bandaid on the wound. By that time alone, the pain was going away fast. One beer latter, I was skinning the other 12-15 fish, with little to no pain. 2 hours later no symptoms at all. My thumb never even was sore to bend or use.

Ya'll may know this already, but figgered it worth sharing. Them cats can hurt ya purdy good at times....

I imagine it works just as well on Saltwater Hardhead Cats,,, but I ain't planning on being no Guinea pig for that lil' test....
Thanks for the suggestion
One time me and my bud were catching way to many hardheads at the beach. Maybe 20:1 on Hardheads to good fish. Well, we were sitting on some pile's in the water. There were wooden pile's on our right and left as well, so when we would catch a hardhead we would pay off about 10 foot of line and sort of catapult the hardheads into the piles on our right and left. You know, calm them down a bit before dehooking them. My buddy had about 1.5 lber on and he went to swing the catfish to the pile in between him and I, only he missed. I swear I saw it in slow motion as the catfish missed the pile completely and pivoted all the way back around to my buddies backside. It was grotesque, it stuck him right in the kidney. The whole fished was stuck to his kidney, flopping, wiggling and making that woh woh woh noise. I am a bad friend because I could not stop laughing. He finally got it out....Man, he could've used some of the pine oil.
Hah !
U iz a bad, bad friend....LOL ! Self inflicted pain is the worst kind. I bet a lesson well learned ehh ?
I don't know about you girls (I AM JOKING), but when I get stuck, I don't do anything. I just wipe off the blood and carry on my way. I have heard though that toothpaste works good, for what, I wish I knew. Maybe it does something with cleaning. But I've been stuck well over 20 times in one day before in the hand and between the fingers, and it hurt, yes, but I went on my way and continued to catch fish all day without putting anything on it.
Knock on wood
I can't remember the last time I got stuck. They don't get to my hand without sedation. I made this youtube video called hardhead homerun, but it got a lot of bad responses. I had to take it down.
Ironman, I used to think the same way. I was raised with a catfish pond in my backyard in North LA and I thought hardheads were no diferent. I was taking a hardhead off the line for a friend that was scared of catfish and the top barb stuck about 2-3 inches in my hand. It went in between the thumb and fore finger towards the palm. The barbs on the fin would not let it come out. I had to twist the fish to get it out of my hand. I can guarantee you that I am no wuss, and this thing hurt. BAD! Within minutes my hand was swollen like a beach ball. I tried to fish, but didn't have the strength to even grip a rod.
The worse part of the whole deal was that I had no liquor on the boat to ease the pain. We had gotten drunk the night before and were hungover at 5 AM when we left to go fishing, so we left the booze at home.
I swore I would never go in a boat again with no liquor!
be careful
Getting stung by those things can cause a DEADLY infection. If at all possible make sure you clean the cut with bleach, or something very strong. Ive seen it happen. A friend got stuck with one, 24 hrs later he was in the emergency room and nearly lost his hand.
No need to carry stuff on your boat to remedy the pain. Just rub the slime from the catfish on the wound, this works almost instantly.

As for 'subduing' hardheads. I have a 18' bat made out of walnut. We drilled the center out and filled it with lead. One good whack with that and their skull is split in two...

BTW - the slime trick only works with freshwater cats. Hardheads, you just have to deal with it. That's why we kill them before touching them.
The slime does not hold a candle to the Pine Oil,,, the slime works better on a scratch type wound, but not on a deep one in my experience. I've done the slime thing forever before learning about the pine oil stuff.... it definately works! And works NOW !
My knuckle was a bad deal,, it worried me as I did not think the pine oil wold even touch the pain on that one.. When I tried to pull the remaining spine out of my knuckle joint with the skinning pliers, I had to use so much force, the skinners merely cut the spine off,,, I had to go get my klien pliers to grip with out cutting the spine again.

And yes, salt water cuts need to be bleached for instant bacteria killing action, but I would think the pine oil would work well for pain.
Tooth Ache?
Does anyone else get this? When ever I get a hardhead sting on my RIGHT hand I get a mild ache in the back teeth on the LEFT side of my lower jaw. If I get stung in the left hand, the ache is on the right side. Happens every time.
Allison - My bad, never had to deal with a deep wound from a catfish. Only scratches/scrapes. Guess I shoulda paid a lil more attention.

While we are telling stories, my dad, years ago, wasn't thinking clearly and went to kick a hardhead off the front deck...with TENNIS SHOES ON!!!!! Man he bled like a stuck hog!!!!
Hot Water
We catch a lot of hardheads at work, escpecially while doing gill nets on the beach ( i do them for research purposes). And of course we get stuck pretty often because we actually have to get information from them. This is the best thing that we have found for the pain. Simple hot water. What we do is remove the remote flush fitting from the outboard and let it run over the area for a few minutes.

Hardhead catfish have a protein venom that can be denatured with hotwater. It will leave a scare if it sticks you bad but the hotwater will soothe the pain enought to continue fishing.

Last summer we ran the boat from Lafitte to Sandy Point, yeah that is a long run but if you do it enough it is not so bad. While we where pulling in a net, one came over the gunnel and stuck atleast 3/4 of an inch into my leg. We cut the fish off and worked the spine out. Then I sat on the back deck and ran the water over the area. Within minuetes I was pulling the net in. We did have a short day that day, only 14 hours.
Sting ray venom is also a protein which can be denatured with HOT water.
Believe me, the HOTTEST water will ease the pain in minutes. The pisser on any outboard is hot, but you'll need HOTTER to work 100%.
After the HOT water, it'll only be a flesh wound and the venom is neutralized.
This is a good topic as it could SAVE the day/weekend for someone this summer.
Juggling? No. We were catching them real small cats that have the very sharp spines in Pierre Part and they would cut and stick me between the fingers and in the palm a couple of times. I've been stuck a couple times by a hardhead cuz some people just smash them against the boat repeatedly when/if they catch them. The farthest a barb has went in my hand was maybe 1/4 between the thumb and 1st finger. My hand never swells up and I never feel any effects from hardheads for some reason.
Wanna volunteer ?
I agree,, the less issues while out on the water, the better off we are. Wounds tend to dampen spirits and make an otherwise great day a little less fun.

I need a Volunteer,,,,, I’d like to test the remedies to determine the best one.

I’ll bring 2 fresh, live and feisty 2.5 pound catfish to your choice of locations. I’ll grab one in my right hand, you take the other in your left hand. You stick the barb of your fish into your right hand,,, I’ll take my fish in my right hand and stick it’s barb into your left hand… we’ll use hot water on your right hand wound,, and pine oil on the wound in yer left hand. We’ll see what cures the pain quicker…..Any takers ? ? ? LOL !

I assure you, the pine oil works very quickly and leaves you with out even a sore spot in short order… matter of fact, by the time we coat yer wounds, I won’t even have time to open my beer before your leftt hand is feeling much, much better.

Any Takers ? ?
Re: Catfish Spine/Fin Wound Relief
I don't buy any of what you are spewing buddy. No one is immune to catfish stings and to be 20 x's in a day....pfft....please.