K2 is rolling out a brand new cooler — literally.

The Lafayette-based professional grade cooler company is introducing the Wheeled Summit line — available in either 30-or 60-quart models — that put a premium on mobility.

“The Wheeled Summit 30 provides the convenience of a 30-quart cooler that’s mobile,” said Neal Rohrbach, director of marketing for K2.  “It’s a great cooler for mom and the kids to go spend a day at the pool or the beach, and it’s great for tailgating or to have around the barbecue.

"All of our 20- and 30-quart coolers — and even the 50 — are manageable with one person, but the wheels make moving this one a breeze.”

And the wheels even elevate so the cooler is stationary and stable when you arrive at your destination. Plus, the axle is removable so you always have the option to go without wheels if necessary. 

The 30-quart wheeled model features a telescopic handle, as well as all of the popular features of K2’s Summit series: one piece roto-molded construction for toughness and durability, SNOWblown insulation for maximum ice retention and redesigned Positrac lid latches to create a positive seal for perfect closure every time.

“The latches are pliable, and are tested for both high heat and freezing conditions,” Rohrbach said. “So they’re not going to freeze, and they’re not going to melt.”

The Summit Wheeled 30 has a 20-can capacity, and weighs just over 33 pounds.

“That’s 30-percent lighter than our competitors’ 30-quart models,” he said.

All K2 coolers are designed for maximum ice retention, and Rohrbach shared a few tips to extend ice life even further.

“Put some ice in the cooler the day before and let it get good and cold,” he said. “The other thing  that’s important, if you can, is to put cold drinks in the refrigerator rather than keeping your soft drinks or bottled water in the garage and then throwing them in the cooler. 

“If you throw them in hot, it’s going to start melting the ice immediately. But if you can put cool drinks in a pre-cooled cooler, you’re going to have ice well beyond the amount of time you’ll probably need it.”

K2 Ice packs — which can be kept in your freezer and used in place of or in combination with regular ice — are also an option, he said.

“It’s actually colder than ice,” Rohrbach said. “Its freezing point is below freezing, rather than at 32 degrees, so a couple of K2 Ice packs with our 30-quart cooler, and you’re going to have a cold cooler longer than you would have with regular ice.”

Like all K2 coolers, the Wheeled Summit 30 and 60 models come with a full seven year warranty, including hardware and accessories. The retail price for the 30-quart model is $349, and it’s available wherever K2 coolers are sold. 

For more information, or to purchase a cooler online, click here