Shortly after Lake Cataouache vaulted Kevin VanDam to his fourth Bassmaster Classic title in 2011 with more than 69 pounds of fish, hydrilla that made the area great started vanishing — and the area’s bass population seemed to disappear right along with it.

The debate over what caused the exodus of fish — or even if they ever really left — still rages on, so Sportsman TV decided to head back there this spring to check on the status of the fishery.

Host Greg Hackney and the crew - including Louisiana Sportsman publisher Tony Taylor and producer Jared Serigné —  actually found lots of fish. Nothing was huge, but numbers were solid, and Hackney did lots of damage with a ¼-ounce swim jig and a Strike King Rage Craw trailer.

“This is really the first time I’ve been back in the area in recent times. I had heard a few reports of a few fish being caught, but it’s actually a lot better than I thought it was,” Hackney said in the episode. “So the fish population is good here. We caught a couple of good ones. 

“This area was known for tons of 3- to 6-pounders. It looks like they’re coming back.”

Watch the full episode of “Maybe Cataouatche is Coming Back” for more details on what Hackney looked for grass-wise along the banks as he worked the area for fish. 

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