A trailer hook can up your hookups when throwing a spinnerbait, especially when the fish aren't feeding aggressively. But if you use a trailer hook with a small eye, it can be hard to get it over the barb of the main hook — and it will not swing freely.

Conversely, if you use one that has a wide-open eye, the trailer hook can easily slip right off during a cast.

The Trailer Hook Pal solves that problem by adding a small plastic tag to the spinnerbait's hook to prevent the trailer hook from sliding down to the point.

And it's very easy to use: Just slip a trailer hook onto the spinnerbait, place one of the Trailer Hook Pal's tabs into the holder and then push the point of the spinnerbait hook through the center of the tab.

The tab then stays in place when you remove the holder, and the trailer hook can only slide so far around the bend of the hook.

Problem solved.

There's even a model made specifically for saltwater uses.

MSRP: $14.99-$19.99

More info: www.trailerhookpal.com