It’s taken a while to perfect, but Lea Benoit at Bowie Outfitters in Baton Rouge said Savage’s is really the first successful version of a 17HMR semi-automatic.

“You’ve got a lot of semi-auto .22s and semi-autos in the centerfire range, but as far as rimfire semi-autos go, all they previous models they tried with 17HMR did not work. They were completely unsuccessful,” Benoit said. “This one is the first time this platform has been put together and actually functions properly.

“It’s perfect for squirrel hunting, and it’s a great target-shooting gun. It’s fun to shoot. Bolt action was the only previous option, but this guy changed the game with the semi-auto.”

Bowie Outfitters sells the Savage A17 for $399. For more information, click here.