Known for a superior line of cooler packs that keep food and drinks either cold or frozen, Arctic Ice now offers the Chillin’ Cradle — a cooler accessory designed to maximize surface area contact with bottles or cans.

The benefit? Drinks stay colder longer with no wet mess or waste of water.

With a unique, curved design that holds many sizes of cans or bottles, the Chillin’ Cradle keeps your favorite beverages chilled for all your outdoor activities.

Chillin’ Cradles are available in two-, three-, four- and five-piece “sets,” along with end caps and middle dividers to customize your cooler as needed. 

Store Chillin’ Cradles flat in the freezer until ready for use, and then arrange in the cooler on edge or flat and add your favorite chilled beverages for a cold, well-organized cooler.

MSRP: $59.95-$119.95