As much as some folks have settled on braided line for much of their saltwater fishing, Nick Poe said a guy fishing deep in Lake Charles and Prien Lake may have a tough time getting down to the trout.

"Braided line likes to float," he said. "With a 1/8-ounce leadhead, that's going to give you some problems fishing that deep. I've been fishing with 10-pound-test Seaguar fluorocarbon for the last two years because it gets down to the bottom in deep water a lot quicker even with a light head."

Because it is more dense than mono and doesn't absorb water like mono, fluorocarbon line sinks. Therefore, the same quality that makes it a bad choice for topwaters or popping corks makes it a perfect line for fishing light baits in deep water.

"And to top it off, fluorocarbon doesn't have as much stretch as mono, so you can feel those deep trout a lot better when they bite," Poe said. "Match your line to the way you fish, and you'll wind up being a lot better off."