Last weekend my buddy Jimmy Kyle and I took the 100-mile drive to Sherburne Wildlife Management Area to do some scouting for the end of this bow season. We spent a day and a half scouting, and really not finding much sign until we had gone fairly deep into the woods.

Our scouting from that weekend paid off Sunday (Feb. 13). Right before dark, Jimmy heard a little noise and watched as a nice-sized doe came out near his climber to feed. He would have to watch the doe for almost 15 minutes before it finally presented him with a shot.

At 26 yards his arrow ripped through the doe. The Rage broadhead opened a huge hole upon entry. The blood trail was significant, and the doe ran only about 40 yards.

Our journey was not nearly over yet, however.

We had brought my deer cart part of the way to our stand location. It would take us an hour to drag the doe to the cart, and then another 30 minutes to pull the cart to the truck – then another hour and 40 minutes to drive home (now it is 10) – and then, oh yeah, we had to clean the deer.

Still got up early enough to drive BACK to Sherburne and make a morning hunt at daylight. Whew! Makes me tired just THINKING about it! haha!

This was Jimmy's second deer and first doe. He just began deer hunting this season. To say he was excited is a big understatement. Jimmy is absolutely in love with bow hunting.

I was so excited for him to get another one right before the season closes. He was already fired up about next season, and now, as you can imagine, he is really on fire. It is so much fun to see a buddy get so much into the sport of bow hunting.

For those of you that haven't tried bow hunting yet, you really don't know what you are missing. The thrill of a kill with a bow is hard to beat.