When October arrives, Mother Nature typically loosens her grip on the heat and humidity that have gripped the state since early summer, and teases us with a few tantalizing cool fronts that usher in the start of fall.

The Saints are back in full swing, and Major League Baseball culminates at the end of the month with another World Series. The gradual change of seasons coincides with the Fall Classic — and by coincidence, the end of the speckled trout spawn — which pushes fish from their saltier, deepwater summer haunts back inshore to coastal bays, lakes and marshes where they fatten up to ride out the winter.

For Lake Pontchartrain anglers, that means speckled trout will be heading back from where they came this spring, returning first into the Biloxi Marsh and Lake Borgne, then through the Rigolets and finally into the confines of the eastern end of the lake. 

Some of the first structures they will encounter are the numerous bridges stacked up there: the I-10 Twin Span, the Highway 11 bridge and the Trestles. It’s a perfect storm for the trout — and all the anglers who look forward to the fall run every year.

“Those fish just make a big circle. In April or May, we’re fishing on the Trestles. Toward the end of May into June, we start fishing out in the Rigolets toward Lake Borgne,” explained Capt. Bubby Lamy, with In & Out Charters in Slidell. “As it gets further into the summer, now we’re way offshore. That’s the progression of where those fish are going if you’re looking for trout.

“But in September, the reverse happens. You’ll start seeing more fish closer in. They get on