Frogs can’t do it all by themselves. But fishing frogs in combination with other lures is the most productive plan of attack. That’s especially true when a bass blows up on a frog, but misses it. When that happens, Tyler Stewart has three very specific baits he follows up with.

“Most of the time when I’m fishing with a frog, I’ll mix in several other lures to make sure I have a shot at catching bass that don’t quite want a frog,” Stewart said. “Those lures are all V&M products — a white swim jig with a watermelon Wild Craw trailer, a Wild Thang worm in candy bug color and a ¾-ounce black football jig with a June bug trailer.

“The swim jig is especially good when you have a bite on the frog and miss,” he said. “That bass is still looking for what he struck at, and when you drop that swim jig right back on him, he’ll usually nail it. Get it in there as quick as you can. If that doesn’t work, follow with the worm, then the football jig. Most of the time, you’ll put him in the boat.”