Wherever you hunt largemouth bass, opportunities can rise and fall quickly, so preparation is paramount. An important element of your readiness is the organization of, and easy access to, your terminal tackle. Hooks, weights, swivels, etc. all need to remain conveniently reachable, lest you miss your chance.

Here are a few ideas for keeping those necessary items handy:

Pin it: Slide loose hooks, swivels and snaps onto the arms of large safety pins and store these collections in tackle tray slots. Group your items by size/style and draw a grid of your slots on the tray’s lid to identify each for quick selection.

Clip and grip: Use carabiners to clip multiple packages of particular hook styles/sizes, as well as plastic baits. This keeps you from having to rummage through a container with multiple packages to find the one you want.

You might group baits by style, color or size and for ultimate efficiency, a pack of the relevant hooks or jigs you prefer for each set of plastics. Keep the group handy on your deck without worrying about inefficient clutter. One centralized binder keeps everything within reach.

Hold it high: One of the biggest time wasters in bass fishing is fumbling in tackle tray slots for smaller hooks and weights. Eliminate this frustration by lining each slot with high density foam (the material used in workout mats). Elevating your tackle makes it easier to reach and saves you valuable time.