Lionel Serigne Sr., the owner and operator of Serigne's Marina in Delacroix Island, passed away on Tuesday, July 3.  He had been diagnosed with cancer and  heart issues, but remained a constant fixture at the marina throughout his struggle.

Serigne was born and raised in Delacroix, and grew up on the bayous doing what old timers did to earn a living: hunting, trapping, crabbing, trawling and fishing.  He and his family have operated Serigne’s Marina for decades, and were known for always having a plentiful supply of frisky live shrimp, fuel and supplies to service the needs of both the recreational and commercial fishing community.

He was consistently calm, good natured, soft spoken and  friendly, and that demeanor enabled him to bridge what was once a huge divide between the commercial and recreational fishermen on the island.

Funeral arrangements have not yet been finalized,  and specifics on the future of the marina are undetermined at this time.