For contestants in the CCA STAR Fly Division, June is the best tournament month to catch big trout on a fly. At first light, use large poppers. As the morning progresses, move toward submergent flies such as Seaducers, Deceivers and articulated baitfish patterns. Casting an intermediate sinking line will produce more strikes.

In the southeast, bigger trout will be in the surf. In the Calcasieu area, West Cove and Joe’s Cove will be best bets for big fly rod trout.

The interior ponds have been great for redfish this spring, and that should continue into June before it gets too hot. Where you find grass, you’ll find fish. Try crab flies, spoon flies and charlies such as LaFleur’s Charlie.

From Grand Isle to Grand Calliou, and even in interior lakes, bull reds have been plentiful. For these brutes, try large silhouette flies such as Toads, Borski Slider, Bissett Mud Bug, Sandbar Mullet or the Geaux Meaux.

Bream action should be peaking in the Atchafalaya Basin. Popping bugs will work just about any time of the day, but if not, try a Jitterbee or Slow Sinking Spider 2 to 3 feet under a small football cork.

Fly anglers in Orleans and Jefferson parishes report that Rio Grande perch have survived the unusually cold winter and are showing up in good numbers. These fish are great fun on a 2 or 3-weight rod. Cast small poppers and wet flies.