The gear for a basic coon hunt isn’t that complex, Chris Jones said. You need plenty of well-charged lights — including a headlamp, a flashlight and a spotlight. (Running out of light on a coon hunt would be akin to leaving the plug out of your boat when fishing.)

A good coon dog or two is an absolute must, and while that sounds simple, the cost can range from reasonable to exorbitant, based on the hunter’s desires and financial situation. And unless you want to spend all night in the woods, a good handheld GPS tracking system like Jones’ Garmin Astro 220 unit and collar are a must. Jones also uses short leases to tie the dogs up once they’ve treed for the dog’s safety. 

The rest is pretty simple gear. A single .22 rifle with an extra clip is standard. Jones prefers a Magnum Research rifle with a Nikon 3-9x40 scope, and shoots copper-plated hollow point CCI mini-mag ammunition. 

Other gear can include a good pair of high waterproof boots, and some sturdy brush-proof long-sleeved clothing in case the dogs take you into rough territory. The only thing else you might need are some good friends with a desire to enjoy a quiet night in the great outdoors — and a steady aim with the rifle and spotlight.