Sportsman Gear has extended its performance shirt line-up with two new offerings: the Responder and Equinox. 

The Responder is a shirt you’ll never want to take off. It’s made with a smart fabric that dials into your body temperature, keeping you warm and comfortable when it’s cool — but never sticky and sweaty while walking to the duck blind or deer stand. 

The Responder - priced at $38 - is available in the camo logo, mallard, big rack and new Sportsman logo designs. 

The Equinox is truly a versatile shirt, with fast perspiration absorption and quick-drying qualities for when you need it. The slightly brushed, lightweight fabric also adds a bit of warmth and softness. This great-looking shirt has natural stretch and plenty of room for ease of movement in the field or on the water.

The Equinox series costs $38, and both are available in the Louisiana Sportsman Store by clicking here.