Gaudy lure colors catch spring bass

Kenny Covington believes bass are in defensive moods during the spawn and post-spawn, and will hit gaudy colors.

Go big or go home

“If you want to catch a giant bass on Lake D’Arbonne, now is the time to do it,” according to Todd Risinger.

Spawn down south

The stained waters of South Louisiana are packed with bass. Use these tips from bass pros who grew up down south to catch more lunkers.

Top 5 tips to connect during the spawn

Big fish moving shallow — seems like a can’t-miss opportunity with home run potential, right?

‘March’-ing on at Toledo Bend

What will this winter’s unseasonably cold temperatures mean for spawning action this month at Louisiana’s premier big-bass location?

Greg Hackney’s money tips for catching spawning bass

Greg Hackney's tips and tricks are spelled out here to help you fish the spawn and win bass tournaments.

Map feature: Lake Penchant

During the latter part of the bass spawn in March, fish around and near Lake Penchant for spring largemouth bass, plus an occasional redfish.

Frog tactics

For an angler, the frog offers a great search bait for covering lots of water and finding key staging areas for bass.

The best baits to use during the bass spawn

The bass spawn is the best time of year to catch the fish of a lifetime. In this video, Greg Hackney breaks down his favorite baits to use during the spawn.

East Pearl means big bass in March

Chris Basey has been fishing the Northshore all his life, and he said March is when bass anglers can take advantage of big bass moving into the shallows.