Inshore Fishing

Top spots to find specks out of Grand Isle this weekend

EDITOR’S NOTE: Electricity to Grand Isle was knocked out during Thursday’s storms. hears it could be well into the weekend before power is restored, so just be prepared it you’re heading down.

Thousands of shrimp moving out of the passes each May mean the speckled trout are soon to follow, and reports coming from Four Bayou Pass to Fourchon this week confirmed that trout are indeed moving into the Gulf.


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They. Have. Arrived.

Head to the surf this month on Grand Isle, Elmer’s or Breton islands and there’s a good chance you’ll find huge hungry speckled trout like these waiting.

Those huge trout are what keeps Capt. Theophile Bourgeois with Bourgeois Charters flying from his home base in Lafitte to Breton Island.

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