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Marine Forecast & Information

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The tide information that Louisiana Sportsman is famous for has been customized for over 40 locations. Just choose the location you are interested in and click. The shaded areas on the charts indicate the most likely feeding periods.

Coastal Marine Forecast
Bays and Inlets

Pascagoula, MS to the SW Pass of the Mississippi River
Mississippi River to Lower Atchafalaya River
Lower Atchafalaya River to Cameron

Cameron, LA to High Island, TX

River Stages

Louisiana Hydrowatch
River Stages for all over Louisiana provided by USGS.

Advanced Hydrological Prediction Service
Atchafalaya River
Caernarvon Outflow
Calcasieu, Mermentau and Vermilion River Basins
Davis Pond Outflow
Amite/Comite Rivers and Lake Pontchartrain Basins
Mississippi River Delta Basin
Lower Mississippi, Ohio and Arkansas Rivers
Pearl River Basin
Red River Basin
Lunar Tables 2016 is far more effective than "moon tables," because it takes into account critical solar energies as
well as lunar.(PrimeTimes 2016)

Gulf of Mexico Buoys
(National Data Buoy Center)Offshore Marine Forecast

Pascagoula, MS to SW Pass of Mississippi River - Offshore Forecast
Mississippi River to Lower Atchafalaya River - Offshore Forecast
Lower Atchafalaya River to Cameron - Offshore Forecast

Cameron, LA to High Island, TX - Offshore Forecast

Other Forecasts & Observations

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