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Ducks Unlimited chapters in Lincoln Parish, Upper Lafourche, DU of Terrebonne, Avoyelles Parish, West Bank and Jefferson Parish were honored for making the organization's Top 100 for 2013. Six Louisiana chapters crack DU's Top 100 for 2013
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Six Louisiana chapters made the 2013 Ducks Unlimited Top 100 list as some of the organization’s best fundraisers, according to a press release.

A wet well was installed on the South Farm Unit at Sherburne WMA which will allow for the management of more than 250 acres of wetlands and potentially create prime waterfowl foraging habitat. Completed wetland restoration project on Sherburne WMA's South Farm Unit provides more acreage for duck hunting next fall
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Duck hunters on Sherburne Wildlife Management Area will have more acreage available for hunting this fall after a $440,000 wetland restoration project on the South Farm Unit, according to Ducks Unlimited.

Hampton Rutland used a GoPro Hero3 along with a DJI Phantom Vision 2 Quadcopter drone to capture highlights of last duck season on his property north of Ruston. Ruston hunter documents duck season with aerial drone and GoPro  Video Included
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Hampton Rutland didn’t originally start out with the idea of documenting his first-ever duck season on new property into a tidy 4-minute video, but the GoPro Hero3 camera he got for his birthday last year spurred him on.

Last November, Taylor Waterfowl took Bryson Tabor, 10, of Houma, to Lake Cataouatche for his first-ever duck hunt. Since its inception, Taylor Waterfowl has taken a dozen children on free duck hunts around the area. Tragic murder inspires Paradis hunter to create charitable program
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Nathan Verdin’s love of hunting began at a young age when he shot his first deer as a 9-year-old. When a cousin was killed and another became disabled after an accident, Verdin turned to hunting to ease the pain.

The cost of duck hunting could increase if a federal proposal to bump the duck-stamp fee up to $25 receives final approval, Ducks Unlimited reported in early February. Ducks stamp increase signaled
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The U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee in February OK’d bills that would reauthorize the North American Wetlands Conservation Act and increase the cost of the federal duck stamp, Ducks Unlimited reported.

The measures, one of which would increase the duck stamp fee from $15 to $25, are supported by DU.

Will LeBlanc, 36, of Baton Rouge, wanted to share the story of his hunting group's encounter with lightning on Jan. 11 in Hopedale so that everyone would be more aware of the weather. January lightning strike creates hunting nightmare in Hopedale
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Will LeBlanc, 36, of Baton Rouge, was one of nine men on a duck hunt in Hopedale who found himself in the thick of a lightning storm on Jan. 11. He wanted to share the story of what happened that morning so that everyone might be more cautious in the weather. At his request, the two victims of the lightning strike remain anonymous.

When Will LeBlanc, Capt. Ted DeAgano III and seven buddies headed out for a Hopedale duck hunt last month, they were hoping for just another fun-filled morning with plenty of birds to shoot and all of the normal joking, laughing and camaraderie that accompanies a typical day in the marshes of south Louisiana. 

Rice fields provide waterfowl and other wetlands-dependent wildlife an important food resource. Feb. 2 recognized as World Wetlands Day
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This Sunday has been declared World Wetlands Day to raise awareness of the benefits and value of wetlands, and Ducks Unlimited and USA Rice Federation have partnered together to show their support.

Ducks didn't seem to be as plentiful in Louisiana this year, starting with the lowest September aerial survey on record.  Larry Reynolds, waterfowl study leader for the state, termed it a below-average season. 2013-14 waterfowl season a mixed bag for hunters across the state
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Depending on who you talk to, the 2013-14 duck season was definitely a mixed bag for hunters across Louisiana.

Tune in tonight at 6:30 on CST for Sportsman TV. In tonight's episode, host Greg Hackney travels south of Houma to experience camp life and a great duck hunt with the publisher of Louisiana Sportsman, Tony Taylor. Sportsman TV tonight: Tony's Chenier Duck Hunt
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Watch Cox Sports Television tonight at 6:30 as Sportsman TV host Greg Hackney and crew take a trip deep in the marshes south of Houma to experience a little camp life and a great duck hunt with the publisher of Louisiana Sportsman magazine, Tony Taylor.

Step 1: Rough pluck a row of feathers down the center of the bird’s breast. This is necessary for diving ducks, but may be skipped on puddle ducks, as they have a more-tender skin. Speedy breasting in the field
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Hunters who plan to only use the breasts of their ducks have little need to clean and transport whole birds from the field or camp to their home.

Barbequed duck makes an attractive presentation and tastes even better than it looks. Quackers on the barbie
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Ducks and geese have to be the most difficult of all game animals to cook. They have a reputation for being strong and gamey — almost “livery” in taste.

Aluminum spud poles turn the boat into a firm shooting platform. Tinkering with the rig
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Little things make big differences in all hunting.

Let’s face it: Hunters who succeed time after time ­— as well as those that don’t — do 99 percent of everything the same. They get up at the same time, shoot the same guns, wear the same clothes, hunt the same areas and use the same calls and attractants.

This bacon-wrapped grilled goose breast is a quick dish that tastes incredible. Game recipe: Bacon-wrapped grilled goose breast
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For a quick, easy and delicious meal, fillet the goose breast off of the bone and butterfly it, leaving the meat connected on one side. Season the goose breast with salt and pepper, and marinate for at least a few hours or overnight in Worcestershire sauce and a small amount of liquid smoke.

Selecting the right field that will allow you to set up a convincing spread is crucial to attracting geese. 5 keys to goose-hunting success
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1) Finding the flyways

Hunters clad in white “goose suits” lay inside a rag spread. Guns and loads for goose hunting
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Geese are large birds that are often shot at long distances. that means hunters must have heavy-enough guns and loads to effectively take geese.

The three boats traditional to Avoyelles Parish and built by Dennis Decuir are, left to right, a pirogue, a jo boat and a jon boat. What is a ‘jo boat?’
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Although Mike Branton builds his own jo boats as a hobby, the true home for these little craft is Marksville in Avoyelles Parish. The only boat-builder in Marksville who now builds the craft is Pat Bordelon’s couisin, Dennis Decuir (who has a classified ad on