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Practical strategies for success

In the last couple of installments of “Happy Trails” we have been peeling the onion back a few layers on the finer points of supplemental feeding. During the preseason period from late spring to early fall, consistent and properly done supplemental feeding accomplishes multiple things for your deer herd and potentially you as a deer hunter. First and foremost, the right type of supplemental feed during the right time period ensures that your resident bucks growing antlers have enough building blocks, and that does stay healthy as they provide milk for their summer offspring.

14 hours ago

Deer harvest, number of hunters in decline

Many years ago, in the mid-70s, there was an article in a popular hunting magazine that was titled “The Thundering Herd.” Basically it was about exploding deer numbers in most of the states in the southeast. Following deer restocking and limited bucks-only hunting along with improved habitat conditions, deer populations began to expand and numbers increased dramatically. Hunters had done a good job of protecting does and now their numbers were increasing in most states, including the Bayou State. 

September 12 at 9:00 am

Full 2017-18 Rut Report in October’s Louisiana Sportsman

As September rolls around, many deer hunters have already begun getting their leases in order: Scheduling work weekends, cleaning up shooting lanes, prepping stands, tending to food plots and filling up feeders to make sure they’re ready to go.

September 11 at 4:30 pm

Keys to bow stand selection

Archery season is opening in many areas and fast approaching in others, and hopefully, most bowhunters have their archery equipment set up and dialed in. But what about the tree stands they will hunt from? 

September 01 at 7:00 am

Dumb video: Man wrestles 11-point buck

 Video Included

There are many who have hunted for decades and never laid eyes on a true trophy buck. These poor guys sit in stands for months on end just hoping a massive deer will step out.

Well, some dodo in parts unknown not only saw a massive-racked buck but went a step farther: He grabbed the antlers when the deer walked between him and a buddy.

And he did it while being videoed.

August 31 at 5:15 pm

Supplemental feeding in better focus

In last month’s installment we discussed minerals and supplemental feeding of deer in Mississippi. This is still a controversial subject depending on who you talk to. Proponents call it supplemental feeding, opponents call it deer baiting. It has been two years now since the MDWFP loosened the regulations regarding: Rule 2.4 — Supplemental Feeding of Wild Animals Outside of Wildlife Enclosures. Let’s drill down on this subject a little deeper and see what is legal and what is not, and how to properly use supplemental feeding to best affect. 

August 22 at 9:00 am

Atchafalaya Delta WMA bow kills down sharply for 2016-17

It wasn’t a surprise, but the numbers confirmed what most hunters suspected: This past deer season was one of the worst in history at the Atchafalaya Delta Wildlife Management Area. 

August 22 at 8:38 am

The age factor: Older bucks aren't necessarily bigger bucks

Harvest data produced by the LDWF DMAP program shows that hunters are killing more adult bucks than yearling (1 ½ year) bucks. Data from the Quality Deer Management Association also shows this is true in most of the southeast. The management concept of let them go and let them grow has caught on in the southeast. Jimmy Ernst, LDWF DMAP Coordinator, says that today’s hunters are looking for bigger bucks. But an older buck is not necessarily a big buck. For the most part any adult buck on good habitat should have a larger rack than the yearling buck with its first rack. If habitat conditions are poor and deer numbers are above carrying capacity the rack of an adult buck may not be the quality that a hunter is hunting for.

August 11 at 2:50 pm