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Royer uses his homemade rake to make holes in vegetation to get to the fish below. Murph’s crappie-fishing poles
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Murphy Royer’s confidence in his fishing is almost startling. During my first conversation with him, he asked me when I wanted to go fishing. I asked when the best time was to make a good trip.

Royer makes and ties all his own jigs. The two on the bottom are two of his four favorite colors. Jig-making tips for crappie
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Murphy Royer makes his own jigs from scratch.

Royer fished the entire morning within sight of the elevated interstate bridge to the south. Lake Henderson crappie fishing tips
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Lake Henderson really isn’t a lake at all in the classical sense, but more of a backwater area formed in the 1930s by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The author has caught many thousands of chinquapin on fly rod using only a few adjustments to flies and tackle. Tippets
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April is one of the best months for both freshwater and marsh fly fishing. In which water shall you cast your fly?

When tied correctly, the treble hook will stay pointed at the fish and will not twist. Tackle and rigging
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Rigging the hook and weight is crucial to successful snagging.

Spoonbill catfish, or paddlefish, are often snagged, but they must be immediately released upon landing. Snagging laws
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There’s no way to control what fish your snagging hook contacts, but it’s important to understand that most species have to be released immediately.

Coldiron lands one of several needle nose gar that was snagged in the Catahoula Lake diversion canal. Safety first when snagging
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Certain safety precautions should be taken when snagging, and one of the most important is to be aware of other fishermen.

Three cited for alleged game fish violations on Larto Lake, LDWF says Three cited for alleged game fish violations on Larto Lake, LDWF says
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Enforcement agents on Wednesday arrested three people for alleged game fish violations on Larto Lake, according to a press release from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Chinquapin on fly rod?  Yes, you can!  With the right flies and the right leader, it’s the rule, not the exception. Shellcracking the code
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“When it comes to redears, leave the fly tackle at home.”

Keith Thibodeaux caught this 4-pound bass in the Flat Lake area last month. Atchafalaya Basin bass action slowing down post-spawn
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The bulk of the spawn appears to be over in the Atchafalaya Basin, but anglers are still catching bass in the Bayou Pigeon area, according to a local angler.

Lake Henderson, which sprawls on both sides of Interstate Highway 10, has a variety of productive habitats for Murphy Royer’s favorite fish. Candy from a baby — Best crappie-fishing tactics
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Zounds! This guy is good.

Rudy Horne (left) and Jacob Coldiron rely on heavy surf fishing rods for snagging. Springtime diversion — Catfish snagging tips
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There are about as many ways to catch catfish as there are ways to cook them. Rods, yo-yos, jugs, trotlines, nets, traps and limb lines are all employed by Louisiana sportsmen.

North Louisiana's population of salvinia weevils was drastically affected by this winter's severe temperatures, so scientists are working on developing a cold-tolerant weevil for the northern parishes of the state. LDWF, LSU AgCenter search for cold-tolerant salvinia weevil for North Louisiana
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Unusually cold temperatures in the northern parishes are expected to have killed 90 percent of the salvinia weevils used to combat the invasive aquatic plant giant salvinia, which is clogging waterways across Louisiana.

Fishing scenic waterways like Idaho’s Snake River leaves memories that last a lifetime, but planning is required to secure lodging and transportation at affordable rates. Tippets
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Hopefully the coldest winter in 24 years has come to an end. If so, fly anglers could enjoy a great month on the water.

Turtle meat is attractive and tasty, and is always cooked bone-in. How to clean a loggerhead turtle
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At first glance, cleaning the armored, prehistoric-looking loggerhead turtle appears to be an impossible task. But cleaning a turtle is quite quickly and easily done once one learns the ropes.

Besides a sharp knife, other tools are needed. A hatchet is essential, and a cane knife is handy.

The two men’s mudboat plows through vegetation that an outboard equipped boat would have to go around. When and how to fish Lake Boeuf
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Lake Boeuf, a natural lake set in a depression in northern Lafourche Parish has two reputations. First, it is known as a great fishing destination.; second, it has a reputation as a hard lake to fish successfully on a consistent basis.

Steve Bourgeois and Andrew Blanchard explained the fishing cycle that seems to flummox most newcomers to the lake.