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The barrier islands in the Barataria and Terrebonne basins were slammed when Hurricane Isaac made landfall in late August, the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program says. Barrier islands take hit after Hurricane Isaac, coastal restoration group says
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It is well understood that the coastal areas of Louisiana are rapidly eroding. And the day-to-day erosion advances whenever storm events such as Hurricane Isaac batter the state’s coastal areas.

The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources reports that as more wetlands and coastal areas are lost to erosion the more upland parts of the state are exposed to severe weather.

There were some freshwater areas that were devastated by fish kills in the wake of Hurricane Isaac, but LDWF said most areas were spared Hurricane Andrew-like kills. Hurricane Isaac-related fish kills not as serious as past storms, LDWF says
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Final numbers aren’t in yet, but the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries said anglers in certain freshwater areas of Southeast Louisiana likely will feel the impact of Hurricane Isaac-related fish kills.

“Bayou Lafourche and the Amite River were some of the worst hit,” the LDWF’s Mike Wood said. “They were there in the epicenter of it and where we got the most calls.”

Hurricane Isaac delivered a big hit to Breton Sound Marina, but two weeks after the storm the facility is up and running. And fishing reports from the area are great. Breton Sound Marina open two weeks after Hurricane Isaac
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Hurricane Isaac was not kind to Hopedale’s Breton Sound Marina, but it’s back in business, owner Glenn Sanchez said.

The Category 1 storm destroyed the trailer housing the marina office, store and bathrooms, and the facility’s bait shop had the siding peeled off. Everything was marinated in 6 to 8 feet of swamp muck, grass and salt water.

Delta Marina at the foot of the Empire bridge is fully operational three weeks after Hurricane Isaac passed over lower Plaquemines Parish. Empire's Delta Marina back in business following Hurricane Isaac
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Delta Marina in Empire is back in operation after Hurricane Isaac knocked out power and interrupted access to lower Plaquemines Parish, Darren Angelo confirmed yesterday (Sept. 12).

Angelo said live bait is available, and that the fishing reports from the area are fantastic. The temporary phone number for the marina (until the main phone lines are restored) is 318-801-0743.

Pearl River WMA reopened by LDWF Pearl River WMA reopened by LDWF
3267 Views - Posted: September 11, 2012 at 3:11 pm
All of Pearl River Wildlife Management Area was is now open, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries announced today (Sept. 11).

The popular WMA near Slidell was closed just before Hurricane Isaac made landfall, and it remained closed because of flooding after the tropical system passed through the area, the LDWF said.

Maurepas Swamp WMA reopened Maurepas Swamp WMA reopened
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Maurepas Swamp Wildlife Management area has reopened by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries.

The WMA stretching across St. James, Ascension, Livingston and St. John the Baptist parishes was closed as Hurricane Isaac approached, the LDWF said.

Frank Campo Jr. stands before the slab where the metal building at Campo's Marina stood before Hurricane Isaac demolished it. Campo's Marina rebuilding after severe hit from Hurricane Isaac
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In the wake of Isaac’s destruction, clean-up and repair is under way all along our coastal areas. Shell Beach was surprised by much higher water levels than anyone expected, and all ground level structures took a beating from both wind and water.

Campo’s Marina, a fixture in lower St. Bernard Parish, was no exception.

Three WMAs reopen Three WMAs reopen
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Two wildlife management areas and a portion of a third closed because of Hurricane Isaac will reopen tomorrow (Sept. 8), the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries said today.

Joyce and Manchac WMAs will reopen, while a portion of Pearl River WMA will reopen, the LDWF said.

David Dixon at Bait Inc. works his bait tanks. Dixon said the marina is up and running, and even has live shrimp. Bait Inc., Fisherman's Friend in Chalmette open for business
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Two popular Chalmette marinas are open for business, having suffered fairly limited damage from Hurricane Isaac.

Bait Inc. and Fisherman's Friend Bait Shop even have live shrimp available for their customers.

This sunken boat was one of the signs that Hurricane Isaac had hit Cypress Cove Marina. However, the marina is ready to fully reopen for business once water is restored. Cypress Cove just waiting for water, customer access to reopen  Video Included
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At least on the west bank, Plaquemines Parish was truly a place of stark contrasts a week after Hurricane Isaac meandered off the mouth of the river. Belle Chasse was bustling; the lower end was cleaning up mainly wind damage.

The middle section, though, took it on the chin again.

Fish, including crappie, have turned belly up in Belle River and portions of the Atchafalaya Basin after Hurricane Isaac blasted through area last week. Hurricane Isaac causes fish kills in Belle River, Atchafalaya Basin
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Massive numbers of fish are desperately gasping for air across Southeast Louisiana, according to reports from fishermen as well as Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries officials venturing into the inland waterways following last week's battering by Hurricane Isaac.

Widespread fish kills happen each time the high winds and rains of a hurricane cause the varying cool and warm waters to mix too rapidly and deplete oxygen levels, said LDWF Director of Inland Fisheries Mike Wood.

The IFA Kayak and Redfish tours were set to be in Slidell Sept. 7-9, but have been moved to Sept. 14-16 out of Port Aransas, Texas, because of Hurricane Isaac. IFA reschedules Slidell Redfish, Kayak tours for Port Aransas, Texas
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The IFA Redfish and Kayak tours originally scheduled for Sept. 7-9 out of Slidell have been rescheduled to provide time for the area to recover from the impacts of Hurricane Isaac.

The event is now slated to be held Sept. 14-16 in conjunction with a regional event in Port Aransas, Texas.

Bass, bream, flounder and baitfish were turning up in the Bonnet Carre Spillway in what appears to be the result of Hurricane Isaac's storm surge. Fish begin dying in Bonnet Carre Spillway  Video Included
5327 Views - Posted: September 02, 2012 at 2:36 pm
Hurricane Isaac’s storm surge pushed water into Lake Pontchartrain, swamped Manchac, raised the level of Lake Maurepas and finally flooded the Bonnet Carre Spillway.

Now fish are turning up dead, a user has documented.

Scott Walker texted Louisiana Sportsman photos and a video from the spillway that showed bass and bream floating in shallow water, and he said there were other species that also died.

Venice Marina was in good shape; this trailered boat wasn't even moved. However, some ground damage caused by storm surge was observed. Venice area spared from wrath of Hurricane Isaac  Video Included
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Capt. Brent Roy has lived through many hurricanes, returning to the Venice area after each storm because of the incredible fishing the region provides. So when Hurricane Isaac brushed the mouth of the Mississippi River, the veteran fishing guide couldn't wait to find out how his lodges and the marinas fared.

So Friday, the owner of Venice Fishing Charters jumped aboard a seaplane and headed downriver, shooting video of flooded Highway 23 and getting a birds-eye view of his cabins before putting down at Venice Marina.

Sweetwater Marina's bait stand was destroyed when Hurricane Isaac crawled past Delacroix this week. Hurricane Isaac delivers crippling blow to Delacroix
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Delacroix was devastated in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina blasted through the area, and it was delivered another crippling blow by the much weaker but slower Hurricane Isaac this week, a user who works with Sweetwater Marina reported today.

“It’s not good at all,” Scott Walker said. “They still have water down there, as of now. It’s slowly going out, but it’ll be several days until we can get down and walk around. Now he can drive the road down now.”

Pointe aux Chenes Marina looked untouched yesterday (Aug. 31) when user Scott Walker drove through the little fishing village. Pointe aux Chenes little damaged from Hurricane Isaac, highways open to traffic  Video Included
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Pointe aux Chenes received little damage as Hurricane Isaac crept past the little fishing village, one of’s users has reported.

Camps and Pointe aux Chenes Marina were accessible by roads, which were covered only in a few places by inches of water yesterday (Aug. 31), Scott Walker said.