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If your hunting property doesnít have plenty of supplemental forage, your deer herd might suffer. Forage plantings critical for deer
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In the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray was stuck in time on a cold winter’s day that would never end. While the cold weather this year made for a great deer season, this winter in Louisiana has been one that seemed like it too would never end.

Patience helped the author kill this turkey. Will you kill a gobbler this spring?
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The theme this year for the National Wild Turkey Federation is “Save the Habitat, Save the Hunt.” This is also the theme for the Federation’s new initiative that has set three goals or objectives: conserve and enhance 4 million acres of critical upland wildlife habitat, recruit 1.5 million new hunters, and open access to 500,000 new acres for hunting and other outdoor recreation.

Dick Smith killed this heavy-antlered deer on the lease he runs in Bossier Parish in November. Was the 2013 deer season one of the best ever?
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The LDWF Big Game Harvest Survey that will be mailed out shortly should provide an answer — but from what this hunter saw, it was a great season!

As you may know, the Louisiana annual deer harvest has been on the decline for the past few years and the reported kill last year was low enough to make LDWF change the deer hunting areas and reduce either-sex seasons in some of these areas.

Coyotes, hogs, hurricane damage, the drought of 2010 and 2011, low hunter reporting of harvested deer, along with commercial forestry activities have been suggested as possible reasons for this decline.†

When the moment of truth comes, itís not the time to have a shooting problem. Missed opportunities
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Nothing bums me out more than going on a deer or turkey hunt, doing everything right, have the targeted animal come into range and then miss.

There is plenty of feeding going on prior to the rut, as shown by this trail camera photo. Feeding frenzies
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It was obvious that the bucks were feeding very heavily during September on the property in Desoto Parish (Area 2) in preparation of the upcoming rut.

Hunting between the feeders and stands might provide better harvest opportunity. Take-home message
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The lessons from the track record of these bucks can be summed up as follows:

The author proved his old Great Plains long rifle remains accurate by shooting this nice doe. 2013 ends but the deer season continues
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A new year brings new challenges, but there is still a month left of deer hunting if you have not killed a deer yet.

The prediction of an earlier rut seems to be coming to pass, and that means bucks in the late-rut areas of the state should be on the move. Have you killed a deer yet?
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November should have been the hot month for Area 2 hunters; for us hunters with a late rut the best is yet to come.

When the opportunity presents itself to take a large 8-point like this, don't miss it. Tracking a Booner ó The Rest of the Story
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Probably the one thing that I have ever written about deer hunting that is worth remembering is this: If you see a deer while hunting and you think you should shoot it, you probably should because in our Louisiana environment the opportunity might not come again.

Healthy habitat produces healthy and fat deer, which in turn keeps us hunters happy. Habitat work ó Is it worth it?
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The first shots of the 2013 season were fired on Sept. 7 when the dove season opened, but my efforts to make some dove sites for us to hunt proved fruitless.

Keep in mind there is really no correct answer, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, if you are trying to manage your deer herd and achieve good growth and development, you might consider the following as to whether you should shoot. Shoot-Donít Shoot, 2013 Edition
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A new age of deer management and hunting was ushered in when the concept of quality deer management began to sweep across the Southeast United States and eventually into the Bayou State.

The author will be chasing these nice piney woods bucks captured on a trail camera.† Except for the brow tines they look like twins. Happy hunters
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What goes around comes around, and once again the deer season has arrived in the Bayou State.

These two fetuses collected from a doe are much different in size. One fetus is about 55 days old, and the other is 62 days old. Whoís your daddy?
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Research studies in the Southeast have found that a doe can be bred by multiple bucks and produce fawns with different fathers.

The second row of numbers from the bottom of the scale is the age of the fetus in days. This fetus is 62 days old and was bred 62 days prior to the harvest date of this doe. How do you know when a doe was bred?
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Determining breeding dates is a matter of normal biological activity for a deer biologist.

The author has continued his hog-control work, taking this boar from his East Feliciana Parish property. Hey, itís still good, good, good!
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Lately, the Moreland clan has been spending a lot of time at the Baton Rouge Orthopedic Clinic; it started with a surgery on my wife’s shoulder for a torn rotator cuff, followed by surgery on our son Ruffin’s leg, followed by an air cast for me to help heal a bad ankle.

An adult buck smells the scent left on the ground in a scrape. Does will also paw and urinate in a scrape. 2013-14 Rut Report
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Many factors can impact the breeding season of deer but, for the most part, breeding activity occurs during the same month every year.