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All Star ASNano Fishing rods
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All Star ASNano

Made to endure the intense demands of tournament action, All Star built this lineup of technique-specific rods with Nano Resin technology, which offers two distinct design options: lessening material for a lighter rod while maintaining break strength or keeping the same amount of material and significantly increasing break strength.

Going with Option 2 yields one of the strongest and most-durable rods on the market.

Todd Faircloth, a Bassmaster Elite pro with vast sight-fishing experience, uses the hood on his jersey to help isolate his face and further reduce glare. Light and lenses
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Shielding your eyes is essential for optimal visibility, and some of the newer technologies offer notable developments.

Anchoring devices like Power-Poles can prove invaluable for strategic positioning during the spawn. Quiet approach, sudden stops
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Bassmaster Elite pro Mark Davis said one of the most important aspects of controlled bed fishing is being able to anchor his boat quickly and quietly.

Spawning season offers the best opportunity for trophy catches, but pay attention to the detail work. Spawn Specifics Pro tips for fishing the bass spawn
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When bass move shallow to make the next generation can be a time of great opportunity or a time of great frustration.

Remember that sunlight will throw your shadow across whatever you approach, so use angles to your benefit. Glare Cutters How to manage sun glare for more fishing success
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Seeing is believing, but you’d better believe that too much of a good thing — namely, sunlight — can make it tough for you to see what you’re seeking.

Top-shelf Tackle Top-shelf Tackle
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They haven’t invented any new fish that we’re aware of, but the fishing industry never lets us down in terms of new products to help us catch all those fish that we know and love.

So if you’re looking for new gear to help you catch more fish, there are plenty of options.

A well-placed spread allows trolling anglers to easily lift and boat their fish without disrupting the other rods. Spread out Using multiple baits for crappie fishing
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Any chef worth his salt understands the phrase mice en place, which means “everything in its place.”

This wisdom of order and placement also benefits crappie anglers seeking to cook up a hot day of slow trolling action.

We’ll save an in-depth bait analysis for later and focus here on the elements of deployment and presentation. Long-lining off the back of the boat might work in deeper, open-water scenarios, but the closer and more-controlled presentation of slow trolling — aka tight-lining — works best in most Louisiana crappie haunts.

When landowners thin out the underbrush with prescribed burns, seed-bearing grasses that turkeys favor quickly flourish. Habitat work can improve turkey hunting success
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In Southeast Louisiana, hunter Mike Williams loads his Remington 870 12-guage with 3 -inch magnum shells for longer shots in open areas and 3-inch magnums for dense areas with lots of cover.

But these days he finds he’s using more of the latter than he’d prefer.

The fix, he said, is a return to the prescribed burns that he recalls as common some 25 years ago. Not only is a clear shot to his liking, but the big-picture benefit of better turkey habitat would likely do wonders to boost the local populations that have struggled to recover since Hurricane Katrina.

Preseason scouting is very important. Successful hunters put in plenty of time in the woods. Tips to up your turkey hunting odds
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Whether he’s on a private lease with his Horseshoe Hunting Club or vying for a good position on public lands near the Pearl River, Franklinton’s Mike Williams wants his back against a big tree, log or the roots of a fallen tree.

As for positioning, he wants a good view of what he calls the prettiest spot in the woods.

“An adult gobbler is looking for a place to show off with his strutting and gobbling,” he said. “Nine out of 10 times, it’s going to be the prettiest place that you know of in the woods. It’ll be fairly open with thickets close by so he can get back in a safe spot to get away from predators.

Dry conditions during the nesting period are essential for a healthy hatch. Strange sightings
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During his years of turkey watching, LDWF biologist Jimmy Stafford has seen a few memorable moments.

For example, albinos rarely reach adulthood because their lack of camouflage makes them easy targets for predators. Nevertheless, Stafford has seen full and partial albino adults walking the Louisiana woods.

And, even though, a clutch of 11 to 12 eggs is about average, he’s seen hens lay up to 22 in a single nest. Typically, hens cannot successfully incubate so many, but that doesn’t prevent sightings of massive poult gatherings.

Light action spinning outfits with lots of tip flexibility are the way to go with slip float rigs. Tackle tips for crappie fishing
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Notwithstanding his penchant for simplicity, Toledo Bend guide Jerry Thompson has given much thought to certain aspects of his terminal tackle and rigging.

Here’s a handful of his preferences:

Cork color — Choices range from the classic red/white to bright neons, but Thompson bases his selection more on ease of operation than aesthetics.

A spinnerbait case modified with a block of foam makes a fine holder for craft tubes stuffed with rigs and spare tackle. Homemade crappie rig box
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Bobby Murray loves a hot crappie bite, and he likes to be ready to maximize every opportunity he gets. Suffice it to say, he has plenty of tackle bags to carry all the hardware and baits he needs, but Murray has developed a simple but effective system for keeping key items at close reach.

Starting with a spinnerbait box, he inserts a fitted block of Styrofoam with holes cut for plastic craft tubes (available at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores). The tubes hold prerigged jigheads and baits of various configurations, along with spare heads, bobber stoppers and beads.

Tandem rigs, like a pair of Flukes, simulate baitfish clusters. If a bass misses the lead bait, No. 2 follows closely. Tandem-rigged baits serve targeted purposes
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How quick are you on the follow-up cast? Can you reel up the first rod, grab a different one and drop a new bait at the point of a missed strike in, say, 10 seconds? A little less? No matter your speed — and assuming you can do it with accuracy — you simply won’t present a follow-up bait faster than a tandem rig.

A hollow body frog (top) floats, while a buzz toad sinks. This allows you to vary your amphibious presentations. Other dynamic duos
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Hollow Body Frog and Buzz Toad: Similar to topwater hard baits, a Spro Bronzeye Frog or a Snagproof Ish’s PHAT Frog can bring out the beast in a bass, but the aggression doesn’t always equal a connection. When that happens, and follow-up tosses go ignored, try switching to a buzz toad like a Stanley Ribbit or a Wave Tiki Toad. For one thing, the toad’s kicking legs make for a more intrusive and irritating presence. Moreover, when you pause a toad, it sinks, so utilize those gaps in lily pads or let a toad descend off the edge of a weed mat and get ready to have your arms stretched.

Paul Brown SoftDine Saltwater Lures
2789 Views - Posted: February 13 at 2:59 pm

Bomber Mullet

Trout, redfish, flounder, jacks — there aren’t many saltwater fish that won’t eat a finger mullet. That’s why anglers often try their best to impersonate these popular baitfish with the lures they throw.

Knowing this, the folks at Bomber designed the Saltwater Grade Mullet for the various inshore targets with a taste for these morsels.

Vicious Frog Freshwater lures
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Vicious Frog

It seems fitting that a bait so commonly thrown from a bass boat would have a design feature common to this type of vessel. Indeed, the Vicious Frog owes its tantalizing side-to-side walking style to the “bass boat” belly that effects this bass-tempting movement.

The soft, hollow body frog also benefits from an internal weighting system, while the incredible anatomical detail and realistic colors seal the deal.