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Adam McGuirt caught this 11. 67-pound beauty at Caney Lake last Saturday on a Flick Shake head with a watermelon-patterned trick worm. Caney Lake gives up 11-pounder
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It began six or seven years ago when guys attending a Sunday School class at Cook Baptist Church in Ruston mapped out plans for a fishing trip to Caney Lake, a trip that has become an annual event and has expanded to include friends.

Jason Archer of Ferriday shot this 16-pointer on Nov. 9 in Concordia Parish. The 288-pound brute scored 210 7/8 inches Boone and Crockett and won the Simmons' Sporting Goods Big Buck Contest this season. Simmons Sporting Goods' Big Buck Contest results
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Hunter Simmons, who manages the sporting goods store’s yearly Big Buck Contest, says that although there were not quite as many trophy bucks brought in, those that were entered were some of the best he’s seen in the past several years. 

Tara Roszell shot 'Freaky' Nov. 24 in Avoyelles Parish, then hung on to win the women's division of Simmons' Sporting Goods Big Buck Contest by a half-inch, Roszell takes down 'Freaky' buck in November, hangs on to win women's division of Simmons' Sporting Goods Big Buck Contest
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Tara Roszell is a registered nurse working in the recovery room at Rapides Regional Medical Center in Alexandria, and although she’s hunted deer off-and-on for 30 years since she got married,  she’s spent most of her time at home as mom to her kids.

Chris Courville, of DeRidder, arrowed this big 18-pointer from his climbing stand Sunday at the Tensas National Wildlife Refuge. It hasn't been scored yet, but it's estimated to be in the 200-inch range for Pope and Young. DeRidder bow hunter arrows 18-point monster on Tensas NWR
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Chris Courville enjoyed a late season bow hunt this past weekend at the Tensas National Wildlife Refuge he won’t soon forget for a couple of reasons: one for how he lost a nice buck, and the other for the monster he ended up taking home.

Michael Timpa, 26, of Lake Charles, shot an awesome 9-point at Tensas NWR during a Wheelin' Sportsman hunt on Jan. 11. The buck's rack, which featured a 29 1/4-inch inside spread, green scored 160 inches Boone and Crockett. Lake Charles hunter shoots huge 9-point at Tensas NWR
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Michael Timpa never let his handicap keep him from spending time on the water or in the woods. 

Joey Pender shows off the 8-point he shot on Dec. 16 in Bienville Parish. The big buck, which weighed about 220 pounds, green scored 151 inches Boone and Crockett. Head football coach finally tackles elusive Bienville Parish buck
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Joey Pender is head football coach at West Ouachita High School in Ouachita Parish. 

Even though his team struggled this year, he joined a group of other coaches with similar records for a trip to the Superdome to watch the state championship games last month.

Martha Sumrall poses with her trophy cull, which she shot in Tensas Parish on Jan. 2.The buck had 19 non-typical points, and green scored 153 5/8 inches Boone and Crockett. Ruston hunter takes down trophy 'cull' in Tensas Parish
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Martha Sumrall has hunted with her husband on Somerset Hunting Club for a number of years, and has taken several good bucks on the 5,800-acre property in Tensas Parish. 

Doughty, who has taken 10 mature gobblers in the past seven seasons on Jackson Bienville, finds where turkeys are hanging out and stays with it, much like he does when hunting a big buck. Patterning key to sticking big bucks, gar and turkey
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As passionate as Brad Doughty is about chasing trophy whitetails, he is also an avid bow fisherman in a quest for outsized alligator gar and boss gobblers.

Call ’em in Call ’em in
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Brad Doughty relies heavily on two deer calls — a bleat can and a grunt tube — to draw in bucks during the rut.

Scent Shield key to bagging bucks Scent Shield key to bagging bucks
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Brad Doughty is an excellent deer hunter, regularly bagging big bucks on public land. However, he does it with a little help from his Scent Shield and deer calls.

Judd Chapman of Bossier City moved from his elevated stand to a ground blind on a trail between a food source and a bedding area to waylay this 13-point buck last season. Fourth-quarter adjustments — Late-season deer hunting strategies
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It is often necessary to adjust the game plan at halftime when the Saints — or any football team, for that matter ­— are engaged in an important game.

Billy Barton, 70, with the 12-pointer he shot in Winn Parish last month. The buck, which was shot from the lawn chair in the photo, measured 178 7/8 inches Boone and Crockett. Hunter trades box stand for lawn chair and shoots 180-class buck
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Billy Barton had gotten really tired of sitting in his box stand in Winn Parish without seeing any deer.

So a change of scenery, including the use of a folding lawn chair concealed under tree limbs, helped him ambush a 12-point buck last month that scored almost 180 inches Boone and Crockett.

Dr. Jeffrey Lusk, with the massive 16-pointer he shot Saturday in Warren County, Miss. The big buck green scored 183 3/8 inches Boone and Crockett. Ophthalmologist sights in big 183-inch Mississippi buck
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Dr. Jeffrey Lusk is one year away from joining his dad and brother in their Shreveport ophthalmology clinic, but his training in Dallas has kept him away from his hunting club all season long. 

So Lusk made up for lost time in a big way last weekend when he hit the mother lode and downed a huge 16-point buck on Saturday.

Madison Keyes, a senior at Tensas Academy, shot this 10-point on Dec. 7 at about 200 yards. The 215-pound buck green scored 165 inches Boone and Crockett. Father knows best: Tensas Academy senior downs 165-class buck after following dad's advice
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The weather was cold and getting colder on the afternoon of Dec. 7, and Madison Keyes was intent on following her dad’s advice as she climbed into her box stand overlooking a wheat field shortly after lunch that afternoon. 

“I told Madison to just stay put because with the weather as cold as it was, drizzling and never getting out of the 30s, there was a good chance a big buck would come out to the field to feed late in the afternoon,” her dad Craig said.

Johnny Giles shot this 16-point from his front porch in Lincoln Parish hours before his son's wedding ceremony on Nov. 30. The big buck green scored 165 inches Boone and Crockett. Hunter shoots 165-class buck from front porch in Lincoln Parish
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Nov. 30 was already a very special day for Johnny Jiles: his son, John Michael, would be marrying his beloved Natalie that very afternoon.

But what happened early that morning before the ceremony would make the day even more special for a completely different reason. 

Not only did he shoot a 165-class buck, but the way he brought down the brute will be long-remembered in the Jiles family.

Jon Black shot this 25-point buck in Bossier Parish on Nov. 30. It hasn't been green scored yet, but estimates indicate it might push 200 inches or more. Hunter takes down 25-point Bossier Parish monster
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A couple of weeks ago, you might remember the story of Hunter Black downing an impressive 14-pointer in Bossier Parish that measured 170 inches. As awesome as that buck was, Hunter’s dad Jon did him one better on Nov. 30 when he took down a 25-point that could measure at least 200 inches.