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The author has caught many thousands of chinquapin on fly rod using only a few adjustments to flies and tackle. Tippets
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April is one of the best months for both freshwater and marsh fly fishing. In which water shall you cast your fly?

Chinquapin on fly rod?† Yes, you can!† With the right flies and the right leader, itís the rule, not the exception. Shellcracking the code
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“When it comes to redears, leave the fly tackle at home.”

Fishing scenic waterways like Idahoís Snake River leaves memories that last a lifetime, but planning is required to secure lodging and transportation at affordable rates. Tippets
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Hopefully the coldest winter in 24 years has come to an end. If so, fly anglers could enjoy a great month on the water.

Fiscations donít have to include 1,000-mile jaunts to the west. Larry Offner of Denham Springs enjoys casting to rising trout on the streams of North Georgia. Fishcation planning begins now
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On the aftermath of Icepocalypse 2014, most flyfishers can’t begin to think about wading a cold stream with snow-covered mountain peaks as a backdrop. But come August, they will think differently.†

But by then it might be too late to make that destination dream a reality.

Even when conventional tackle doesnít garner any attention, a Bass Bully can get strikes. Tippets
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Fly anglers want to know where’s that global warming we were promised?

February normally begins the transition from winter to spring here in Louisiana. If normal prevails, expect to see big bass searching for beds this month. Choose large flies that can be worked very slowly on the bottom near bedding areas. Those include Magnum woolybuggers, Sqwirms, Bass Bullies and Calcasieu Pig Boats.

The Bass Bully is perfect for tempting bass, with a tail that is tantalizingly lively but not too long. Bully those bass!
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In the movie “A Christmas Story,” Scut Farkus is the neighborhood bully who torments Ralphie Parker and his friends. Until one day when something in Ralphie snaps, and he attacks his antagonist in a most ferocious manner.

It doesn’t end well for young Mr. Farkus. Scut got what he deserved. Bullying is wrong.

Except when it applies to fish.

The annual trout stocking at Baton Rouge parks provides a lot of fishing opportunities. Tippets
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For fly anglers, January can be the worst of times, the best of times. It all depends on the weather and if you prefer quality over quantity.

One of our 2013 picks, Rise Green Series rods are priced at $100 and offer a lifetime warranty. Tippets
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Persistent, strong winds have plagued fly casters this fall. Here’s hoping December brings calm to the marsh. If it does, sight-casting opportunities for the Spottail Elvis should be prime.

Rainbow trout are native to cold-water rivers, and have been stocked worldwide to enhance fishing. The rainbow phenomena
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Winter is the time of year to witness one of nature’s more unusual spectacles here in Louisiana — the Sundog.

A finalist for Best Event of 2013 is Septemberís Rio Grande Fly Fishing Rodeo, which drew more than 50 participants. The best of 2013
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As each year comes to an end, we are bombarded with lists of everything imaginable. For example, “Top 10 Movies,” “Top 50 Celebrities,” “Best Dressed,” “Worst Dressed,” “Best Cross-Dressed.”

Spotting exposed tails and backs can lead to ďred feverĒ.† If so, try a targeted approach. Tippets
1598 Views - Posted: November 15, 2013 at 6:00 am

Speckled trout on fly? To quote Si Robertson, it’s on like Donkey Kong! A game plan for putting a nice mess of fish in the box starts off with poppers around sunrise, switching to weighted flies like clouser minnows and charlies under a VOSI around mid-morning, then finishing the day with poppers near sunset.

The pumpkins found in clear water are very easy to spot, but not always easy to catch. Pumpkin time
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Holidays have always been feastivals for the Cormier clan. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, my family and my sister’s family would gather at our parent’s home to enjoy a vast array of culinary delights.

Sight-casting flies to specks under lighted piers can be exciting and productive. Tippets
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Down on the coast, it’s prime time for marsh trout, whether they be speckled or not. Trout of the spotted variety will take a weighted clouser or shrimp pattern set 30 inches below a VOSI over reefs and in cuts, canals and bayous. Fish the fly off the bottom, and the result could vary from white trout to redfish to drum.

No dock? †Thatís no problem for Steve Lee. †He uses a small kayak rigged as a floating dock that he pulls behind his canoe and anchors off with PVC poles. Shadows in the night
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As we count down the days to Halloween, I’m reminded of a local radio talk show that annually surveys its audience to find out “What scares you?”

The stateís streams provide great fall fishing options. Tippets
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September is a month of transition. As we approach the fall equinox, shorter days and radiative cooling of water temperatures triggers annual migration and feeding habits.

Kisatchie Bayou is a unique stream that resembles Arkansas or Missouri more than Louisiana. See spot run
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This September marks the 32nd anniversary with the other love of my life — fly fishing.