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Tietje works a jerkbait around the inside grass line at Toledo Bend to catch fish spawning in three to five feet of water. Bass also spawn on main-lake ridges
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It’s not hard to tell where most bass anglers like to fish during the spawn. The armada of boats beating the banks kind of gives it away.

There is no better time to beat the banks at Toledo Bend than during the second phase of the spawn. Empty spawning beds not all bad
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One of the banes of bed fishermen is empty beds.

If the second phase of the spawn happens in April as Dennis Tietje expects, the pockets, coves and creeks will be full of bass like this one. Delayed Gratification ó Why Toledo Bend bass fishing will turn on this month
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If there has ever been a colder winter at Toledo Bend, Bassmaster Elite Series pro Dennis Tietje cannot remember it.

The authorís son, Matthew, struggled to feel the soft bites until he started using his dadís baitcasting reel. Shallow trout prefer a straight pull
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What good would a small mud boat be if you didn’t know how to catch fish once you got away from everybody else by crossing a shallow flat?

According to LaCoste, the great thing about fishing low water is that any deep water that is left holds copious amounts of fish.

“You may have only have a couple feet of water, but that is deep water if everything else around you is one foot or less,” he said. “It might only be 1 foot — it doesn’t matter. Wherever the deeper water is the trout and reds will be there too.”

Capt. Travis Miller says fishing late afternoon until sunset can pay off in peaceful limits of speckled trout. Guide enjoys evening DuLarge bite
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For a charter captain, fishing can be a little hectic.

With all the things they’ve got to think about each and every morning to ensure their customers have a fun and productive day on the water, the fun of fishing can sometimes be tough to recall.

That’s why Capt. Travis Miller with Miller Time Fishing Charters (985-981-6434) loves heading out in the afternoons if he finds himself with a little free time.

Running a small mud boat allows Marty LaCoste access to shallow areas big boats just canít reach. Small-boat DuLarge ó How to catch reds, specks with a mud boat
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Marty LaCoste likes things a little quiet.

According to my son, it’s so he can whisper to the fish exactly what he wants them to do.

When things get a little bit too loud, those trout can’t hear him as clearly.

That’s why the “Trout Whisperer” — my son’s nickname for LaCoste — went out and bought an 18-foot-by-60-inch Gator Tail aluminum boat with a mud motor on back.

If youíre looking to catch trout like this without the headache of having to make a long boat run, thereís no better place in all of Louisiana this month than Geoghegan Canal in Slidell. Soft-plastic tips for Geoghegan Canal
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Many anglers like adding a little insurance in the form of live shrimp in their livewells when they push off from the dock. And there are times when having the real thing can turn the tide to your favor.

To consistently catch trout like this in Geoghegan, put your boat on the shore and cast toward the middle. The Easy Button ó Speckled trout stack up in Geohegan Canal in December
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I started carrying cash because of the emotional connection I have to break to give it to somebody else.

Capt. Laneís Ghost Minnow is a simple but tough piece of plastic that Lafitte trout just canít ignore. Ghost Minnows prove to be durable soft plastics
1942 Views - Posted: November 15, 2013 at 6:00 am

The Ghost Minnow we used to catch trout on this trip was the same one Capt. James Wilson used to put together 30 straight limits of speckled trout.

Before this trip, Capt. James Wilson had a streak of 30 trips that ended in limits of speckled trout. Clovelly Oil Field offers best of both worlds
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The particular area that produced all these limits of speckled trout for Capt. James Wilson is a part of the Clovelly Oil Field. The canal that comes out in the middle of Little Lake is a part of it, but the other part, where we fished, is the south end by Brusle.

Although most of the trout had pushed out because of a warm spell, Wilson and Zimmer were able to pick at a few in the backs of the canals. Tropical weather pushes trout toward Lafitte
1401 Views - Posted: November 15, 2013 at 6:00 am

To say you’re hoping for a hurricane to blow through South Louisiana just to make the fishing better would be a tad bit insensitive.

Thereís just something about the edge of a creek that attracts just about every form of wildlife in the woods. Pirogues make good scouting tools
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Hunting out of a pirogue is a great way to see and slip up on more game if you have a creek running through your property or lease, but a pirogue can also serve as a great way to scout for places to hunt on the land.

Sid Havard says No. 4 buckshot will blow through deer like a buzz saw considering the short distance of most of the shots. Silent Killer
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One of the things that make slipping up on game in a pirogue possible is silence.

While under the birds, the angler's corks went down just as soon as they hit the water. Clovelly two-step ó Speckled trout fishing gets hot at Lafitteís Clovelly
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I couldn’t figure out why my son wasn’t making a cast.

The constant noise of preening and feeding ducks can tip off hunters that they might be just around the next bend. Water Works ó Hunting from a pirogue
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Sid Havard exited his truck and left it parked along the banks of Black Lake Creek.

You donít have to do a lot, but managing your property to hold more deer will pay off for your children in the long run. Soybeans proved to be the buck meal ticket
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If there has been any one magic ingredient that has attracted more deer to my small property in Washington Parish, it has been the implementation of a summer food plot program.