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Sight-in your rifle the easy way before hunting

There was a time when a buddy of mine and I shot our hunting rifles pretty much year round, so we didn’t care how long it took or how many rounds we expended ensuring our scopes were dead on.

October 11 at 8:51 pm

Itís time to peel back veil of secrecy at LDWF

My first job in the outdoor communications business was as a lowly Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries †“information specialist,” working under the chain-smoking, profanely cantankerous and unpredictable Maurice Cockerham.

October 01 at 7:00 am

Kansas youth downs 230-inch monster buck

Sixteen-year-old Clayton Brummer did what few adult hunters would have the self-control to do: He passed on taking a shot at a huge non-typical that stuck its head out of a milo field milo early in the Kansas hunting season.

“Dad told me not to shoot, that we needed to wait for another day because we couldn’t see much of the buck,” Brummer said. “I’m not sure that’s what I wanted to do, but it was the right thing to do. My dad was right.”

When the deer, which later scored out at 230 inches non-typical, stepped out of a corn field on Sept. 8, however, the young hunter made the second encounter count.

September 28 at 8:48 am

3 safety tips for public land deer hunting

Ricky Aucoin has hunted public lands for more than 30 years, and he’s killed a number of really nice bucks. But he said it’s imperative to take some steps to ensure you safely return from each trip.

“No matter how successful you are, no matter how much fun you have hunting on public land, none of it is worth an accident or injury to yourself or your buddy,” Aucoin said. “Hunting public land can be an awesome experience, but you must be as prepared as possible to maximize your chances of success.”

Here are his tips for safe public-land hunting:

September 24 at 4:09 pm

10 tips to kill more public-land deer

I’ve never killed a deer on public land. Seen a few, including one of the largest bucks I’ve ever laid eyes on.

But I never got a shot.

Well, there was the young buck I shot at on Atchafalaya Delta Wildlife Management Area — but I don’t even want to go into that embarrassing miss.

It’s just a different animal than hunting private land. But there are those, like Morgan City’s Ricky Aucoin, who somehow make a habit of downing public-land deer.

September 24 at 3:12 pm

13-foot gator caught with bass rod

Prairieville’s Hansel Rivere Jr. knew a big gator was prowling about the north end of Lake Verret because of the size of the hole the reptile had dug in a levee near the Five Fingers area.

But he couldn’t get a baited line to hold — the alligator broke two that had been placed near its den entrance.

So Rivere grabbed a bass rod rigged with big treble hook when he saw a bubble trail while tying a third line last Friday, and 45 minutes later he had reeled the 13-foot gator to the boat and was administering a kill shot.

September 24 at 11:35 am

Never forget your safety strap again

The use of safety harnesses when hunting from elevated stands is something too many hunters ignore, but it’s vital to ensure you come home from each trip.

And there’s a way to ensure you never get to the stand and realize you forgot the harness at the camp.

September 23 at 3:57 pm

Top 3 tips for better tree stand setup

 Video Included

When you head to the camp, you’re not going just to enjoy the peace and quiet of the woods. Sure, that’s part of it. But what you really want is to kill a deer.

So you spend a lot of time figuring out how deer are traveling and trying to put together the perfect ambush spot.

But there’s more to it than just looking around for a tree in which to hang a stand.

September 23 at 2:08 pm