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The Crappie Ammo BBs are loaded with the scent.

Crappie Ammo

Give these colored and scented ‘BBs’ a shot
March 15 at 9:00am
Jeff Bruhl flips 1/16-ounce jigheads under corks to big cypress trees when targeting sac-a-lait this time of year.

Best bets for crappie jigs

March 15 at 8:00am
Jeff Bruhl says he gets more strikes from finicky sac-a-lait when using the Crappie Nibbles, and he never throws his jigs without them.

Add scent to catch more crappie

March 15 at 8:00am
Jeff Bruhl finds skipping Road Runners under docks to be very effective this time of year.

Go big for sizable sac-a-lait

March 15 at 8:00am
Dwayne Hosea caught this 3.14-pound slab last month, and said he expects the crappie spawn at Poverty Point to really heat up over the next 10 days — if the weather cooperates.

Poor weather delaying bulk of Poverty Point crappie spawn

Action expected to heat up in the next 10 days, local angler says
March 08 at 5:08pm
Head to Poverty Point this month and you just might have to call your taxidermist to mount the crappie you catch.

Crappie riches at Poverty Point

Fish slower if there's lots of boat pressure, local angler says
March 07 at 9:39am
When fishing down the shoreline, Jeff Bruhl focuses his efforts around big cypress trees.

Wham, bam, sac-a-lait slam — Tips to catch more Tchefuncte River sac-a-lait

The Tchefuncte River has a reputation as a tough fishery, but the scenic waterway holds a considerable sac-a-lait population. And this is the best month to connect with slabs.
March 01 at 7:00am
Brian Baldwin, left, and Steele Sessions enjoyed a great trip loading up on white perch from the West Pearl.

Video: West Pearl crappie moving up to spawn

Local anglers recommend Matrix Mini lures 2 feet under a cork
February 21 at 9:11am
Craig May displays the 10.36-pound Toledo Bend lunker bass he caught on Friday, Feb. 10, on a black-and-chartreuse crappie tube jig in the Housen area.<br />

Crappie angler lands 10.36-pound Toledo Bend bass

Lunker hit black-and-chartreuse tube jig in the Housen area
February 15 at 4:33pm