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Chinquapin on fly rod?  Yes, you can!  With the right flies and the right leader, it’s the rule, not the exception. Shellcracking the code
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“When it comes to redears, leave the fly tackle at home.”

Adam McGuirt caught this 11. 67-pound beauty at Caney Lake last Saturday on a Flick Shake head with a watermelon-patterned trick worm. Caney Lake gives up 11-pounder
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It began six or seven years ago when guys attending a Sunday School class at Cook Baptist Church in Ruston mapped out plans for a fishing trip to Caney Lake, a trip that has become an annual event and has expanded to include friends.

For shallow water action during the spawn on Caney Lake, try the Smith Branch. Statewide crappie recap: Caney Lake
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EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the fourth article in an online series on hot crappie spots across the state that originally appeared in Louisiana Sportsman magazine. Today's article features information on Caney Lake, and tomorrow we focus on Bayou Black.

Bobby Phillips likes using hair jigs in a variety of presentations in shallow water on Lake D'Arbonne near Farmerville, northwest of Monroe. Statewide crappie recap: Lake D'Arbonne
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EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the third article in an online series on hot crappie spots across the state that originally appeared in Louisiana Sportsman magazine. Today's article features information on Lake D'Arbonne, and on Monday we'll take a closer look at Caney Lake.

The author encourages anglers to catch more bass, but not release as many, to grow more lunkers and improve the overall fishery. Catch-and-release hurting bass fishing
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Old dogs can learn new tricks. Proof of that came in January when the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ Mike Wood announced that slot limits should be dropped on six lakes that have been part of the state’s quality-lakes system for more than 20 years.

The gem of Louisiana The gem of Louisiana
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Kisatchie National Forest is a gem for Louisiana hunters and fishermen, one surprisingly little known beyond the Shreveport to Alexandria corridor where most of its lands lie.

Chinquapin may not be the biggest fish in the lake, but they make up for their small stature with consistent and hard-fought ultralight battles. Firecrackers ­— Grand Bayou offers some great August chinquapin fishing
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As far as clichés go, few are more frequently used than, “Dynamite comes in small packages.”

The 2013 lottery alligator harvests will be conducted between Aug. 28 and Oct. 3. Apply now for alligator lottery hunts
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If you want to participate in the 2013 alligator lottery hunts, now is the time to get in your application. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) will select eligible hunters to hunt on four Coastal & Nongame Resources (CNR) Division Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs), 15 Wildlife Division WMAs, one U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE) property and 24 public lakes for this year's alligator harvest season.

Many oxbow lakes have protected water ideal for fly anglers who fish from canoes and kayaks. Tippets
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Speckled trout action should be gangbusters this month after a colder than normal spring. There was plenty of clear water in April and that favors topwater action. Perch-float poppers or Bob’s Bangers in green/white or chartreuse, foil pencil poppers in gold or silver, or Skipping Bugs in red/white worked great this month last year.

Chackbay angler Bobby Chiasson landed this 11-pound bass during a March 12 fishing trip to Caney Lake. Caney Lake gives up 11-pounder
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Fishermen can be some of the hardest-headed creatures. They’ll often ask people in the know about the best lures, the best colors, the best time of day to fish. And then the questioners find themselves doing the exact opposite thing.

After finding deeper bass with search baits, Pittman likes to slow down and mop up the area by fishing a Texas rigged worm. Bullied Bass — How to adjust when largemouths aren’t spawning in the shallows
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So much emphasis is placed on bullying in schools today that students can spot a bully much more quickly than they can spot an action verb.

How they learn to deal with those tyrants will go a long way in determining how successful they will be in life because life is full of bullies.

Should victims simply run away?

Kenny Covington uses fluorocarbon line when fishing chatter baits to help him feel subtle bites that are only signaled by the blade’s sudden stillness. Caney Chatter - An unusual Caney Lake tactic for winter bass fishing
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The last thing that comes to most people’s minds when thinking about Caney Lake is a chatter bait.

Kenny Covington isn’t most people.

He is a bassaholic who isn’t afraid to buck conventional wisdom.

When fishing magazines instruct him to head to deep water during the middle of winter, what does Covington do?

I’ll tell you what he doesn’t do. He doesn’t fish deep water.

Although he prefers a ½-ounce chatter bait, Covington will switch to 3/8-ounce baits where grass is growing just barely below the surface. Best Caney Lake chatter bait colors
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It’s hard to get me to believe that lure color makes much of a difference.

Do you really think a bass waiting on top of some coontail for something to eat looks at a chatter bait and decides to pass because it’s green pumpkin instead of black-and-blue?

The only real difference between a swimming jig and a chatter bait is the blade, which Kenny Covington feels imparts an even more erratic action to the bait. Chatter baits vs. swimming jigs
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At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be that much difference between where and how someone would fish a chatter-type bait versus a swimming jig.

Upon close examination, you’ll notice that the only difference between the two is the chatter bait has a blade in front while a swimming jig doesn’t.

Bass are often lethargic in cold water, so multiple treble hooks help you snare the ones that just slap at the bait. Suspended Animation ­—Jerkbait tips for wintertime bass fishing
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Cold water, shallow water, clear water; plenty of situations make it hard to get fish to bite. For largemouth bass, one of the biggest mistakes anglers make in these conditions is fishing too fast and pulling baits through the strike zone with only a brief window of opportunity for predators to make their move. 

Caney Lake tournament angler Kenny Covington loves to throw a buzzbait in the fall but doesn't mind changing to a shaky head to put bass in the bait. Bass anglers find Black Friday bite at Caney Lake  Video Included
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My wife and I have an agreement: I get to go hunting and fishing as much as I want as long as I don’t make her go with me.

In turn, she gets to go shopping as much as she wants as long as she doesn’t make me go with her.

The agreement worked like a charm this past Friday, also known as Black Friday.